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    What's with Zam having a "package" though?

    Still great custom.
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    Thanks Kraigmc, for posting pics!!
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    Got my Zam today. Very good looking figure, but looks nothing like the actress who played her. The vail is crappy, and so is the additional face it comes with. Her arms are painted for crap sake, BUT the rest of the uniform I thought was pretty cool. Just like Aurra, Zam is extremely hard to pose. I can see why Hasbro hasn't come out with any female Jedi since they can't sem to make a female body that can strike a pose. Over all though, I like this figure. Yeah, I think purple "does it" for me.

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    I like this figure quite a bit. I agree with the majority of the points Tycho makes and like mini-rock I too wanted to pose her holding her rifle.
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    I too wanted to pose her holding her rifle.
    I know Hellboy. Too bad she can barely do THAT though. I like the way this figure looks, but CRAP MAN, Hasbro could have made her elbows bend.

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    Question ZAM WESELL ?

    I just picked up a ZAM WESELL at KMART today, they only had
    one on the shelf, so I grabbed it for evaluation, I may or may not
    keep it. I have a question about ZAM's eyes, does yours have
    two small white dots on each eye ? it looks like it is supposed to
    be like that but I just wanted to make sure if other ZAM figures
    also have two dots on each eye ?

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    Re: ZAM WESELL ?

    Originally posted by Jango Jett
    does yours have two small white dots on each eye ?

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    Thumbs up Re: ZAM's eyes

    thanks ! I thought it could have possibly been a defect at first,
    Im glad it's supposed to be that way ! mine looks exactly like the


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