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    Angry 12" Zam

    Have a look and try to suppress the gag reflex.
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    I would wait for the final version, before you gag Big Barada. I remember what the prototype 12" Leia's looked like at the beginning also, so until I see it actually in a box and on the shelf, or atleast not a prototype shot, I will be hopeful.

    But yeah, as of right now that is the most hideous 12" figure that I have ever seen. I am praying for all you 12" collectors that this is only the prototype. If not I sense the fact that the female figure may actually not sell well.

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    Is it the prototype? Huh, maybe I should read those news stories a little closer. Hopefully the actual figure is much better; but this throws a wrench in the idea that Hasbro might use an improved body for the female figures. She looks like she will be the same "balloon-headed-Barbie" that the 12" Slave Leia was.

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    To quote the movie So I Married An Axe Murderer:

    "Head! Down!"

    Man, 12" Zam has encephalitis.
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    Off the front page news of this site. I wanted to link the thread to the actual news story but wasn't sure how, so I just posted the picture.

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    Sith Viscious!

    "Look at the size of that melon, like an orange on a toothpick!"

    "It's a virtual planetoid! It's got it's own weather system!"

    "Aye, he'll be cryin' himself to sleep tonight, on his huuuuge pillow!"

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    12 inch Zam???? I thought that was the new cloth BOBBLE HEAD Zam!!!!!!
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    That better be a joke.

    Is that like Bounty Hunter Barbie or something?

    Maybe Hasbro is trying a new crossover series. The Barbie-StarWars crossover. Just wait til you see Qui Gon Ken!


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