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    I got this as well and love it!!! One of the best facial sculpts ive seen in a long time...possibly ever
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    Dooku, Zam and SBD

    I just bought the 12" Dooku, Zam and SBD. First let me say that the Dooku kicks major (edited)! It looks like he has the new hand grip and the face sculpt is fantastic. The SBD is cool...but whoa the Zam sucks. Dont get me wrong the weapons are very nice and so is the outfit but the big pumpkin head just plain sucks. LOL . The head is so big that when the helmet is on her it squishes her head so bad she looks deformed. Whats up with Hasbro? Look at Amidala too.

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    Dooku's thumbs

    Originally posted by Tycho
    Take a picture, or scan his hand or something.
    Stupid thumbnail thing:

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    Thanks for posting that. My request was from a while ago. It was nice that you recollected. I'll have to look at that on my 12" figures, now. Very interesting.
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    Yeah I have Count Dooku with the thumbnail backwards I just coudn't post a pic sorry Tycho!!
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    Yep. Sure enough my Dooku has the backwards thumbnail as well on his left hand.

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    What is that other doll? Is that a Tom Cruise action figure...LOL?
    The taller Dooku looks better except for the short sleeves and different skin color. How will you match the skin tone?

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    I finally found Dooku. My review of him is mixed. I give his face/head sculpt a 10. I count him as one of the best 12 inch figures ever in this category. Unfortunately, his small size detracts from the overall package. The hand grip is interesting but I think it detracts from the look (hey, what's that huge slice on each hand Dooku?). I know, I'm being picky. The lightsaber is also a little disappointing. It seems too thin and the attachment point interferes with two handed holding in a proper position. How about Dooku's uniform? What is up with the stiff cape?? This thing is like cardboard and restricts movement. Also, the "chain" attachment will not stay clasped if you pose Dooku. Some kid will easily snap this thing off! I left my thread attached to keep it on but it still unsnaps itself anytime you move Dooku. And what about those stupid ring holes in the cape. What is up with that?
    Overall I think he is a good figure. Dooku is great if you do not want to pose him.
    I still have to say that Ki Adi Mundi is by far the best detailed and most accurate 12 inch so far! Yes I have Jango and his is great too! I don't count him as #1 because of some uniform complaints. Other than that Jango would be up there.
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    hey mace windex,

    that head is an unofficial tom cruise head. the company "hot toys", whose body i put dooku's head on, has 3 different tom cruise heads. the one you see pictured with dooku is from their british halo jumper, and they have a "top gun" version and also a mission impossible 2 version.

    yes, the skin tone of the hot toys body is a diffferent shade than dooku's head, but that is something i'm willing to endure. the added inch height of the hot toys body more than outweighs this.

    as for the sleeves, they're just as short on the hasbro body. we who have done body swaps in the past have always had to endure hasbro's short sleeves, since the "HOF" bodies have shorter arms than the GI Joe body, but i would of thought hasbro would of made dooku's sleeves longer.

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    I recommend bodyswapping with the Han Solo Carbonite body. Easy exchange. Perfect skin color, perfect sleeve size, all the articulation that's needed.


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