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    hey N-2PF,

    can you post a picture of dooku on that han carbonite body?

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    This is no improvement, this is the degeneration of the line.

    1. The body is to short.
    3. Stupid metal studs with holes just to hold his cape in the box
    2. Cheap recycled (mottled) plastic chain on his cape
    4. Cheap recycled (mottled) plastic belt
    5. Cheap recycled (mottled) plastic thinny light saber hilt
    6. Even the light saber blade is thinner than the other light sabers
    7. What for articulated fingers? (Dooku don't need fingers to trigger G.I.Joe guns)
    8. The boots' leg is to tall, the standard black boot would have done better than this resculpt.
    9. The upper arm has the same thickness as his thigh.
    10. He didn't come with his little fighting counterpart.

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    I like it. I just found mine today and I'm quite pleased with it. This was one of the only 12" figures that I wanted, and I'm glad that I was able to find it.
    The only thing: how exactly do you remove the blade from the lightsaber? On mine, it feels like you have to unscrew it, but I keep doing that, and it doesn't come out. And I don't want to just pull on it for fear of breaking it. I know it might sound like a stupid question, but really, how do you get that thing outta there?
    But, I think this figure is great and now I just need to get the 12" Jango and the two KB Clones and I'm all set .

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    the blade just pulls out.

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    Yeah, I've noticed some are a little more difficult than others to pull loose, but I've never had one break on me. Just give it a good tuuuuuuug!

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    Re: COUNT DOOKU - loose and reviewed

    I finally found this fig at retail and picked it up. It's very nice even with the funky grommets in the cape and the cheesy cape chain. This is my 2nd Hasbro figure with GungHo grip and I totally hate it now, it looks awful and it's not really strong enough to hold onto much. There's also a little paint slop under the neckline of the tunic. However, the figure succeeds everywhere else, and it LOOKS like Christopher Lee more than any SW figure has ever looked like the actor it's trying to portray before. This is definitely one of the finest SW 12"ers ever and probably the finest 12" human depiction in the line.

    Originally posted by Tycho attaches to his belt clip - though unfortunately on his wrong side (Dooku wears it on his left and cross-draws)...(if you rotate the belt around so the saber hilt attaches on the correct side - the snap section is in front and it looks worse... I haven't thought of turning the belt upside down, so if it works, I'll post an update)

    His uniform is very plain and simple. Reminds you of Death Star II Luke's crossed with Tarkin's tunic.
    I think if you don't mind the figure dropping the saber down instead of pulling it up, the saber will hold onto the belt if you turn the belt upside-down instead of rotating it around. I don't like how it looks, but I can't figure out how to get the saber to sit in the belt properly anyway - it works in a variety of angles, but the little arm on the covertec-esque belt knob makes me think there's supposed to be a specific angle there. The arm on that belt knob on mine is badly bent. I just found a pic, the saber is supposed to be worn with the bottom facing forward and up on the left side.

    His tunic is NOT plain or simple! It's actually 2 separate shirts, one with regular snaps and a very nice, high collar; and the overshirt that's a cross between the imperial officer's tunic and Luke's ROTJ tunic - I love the 2 snaps that hold the right side of the tunic up, this looks so cool when it's open, like Dooku is finally letting down his guard for a minute and exhaling.
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    Dooku..... Goodku?

    I keep seeing the 12" Dooku on the shelves and he looks so bad arse, so I need your guys' opinions. Well, what do you think of the figure? Is he any good, worth picking up? His head sculpt looks so awesome to me, I just wanna snatch the old man up!
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    Yukface - the general opinion seems to be very favorable. I have read few complaints on this thread and with the exception of one post...any complaints are accompanied by very good reviews. I myself like the figure a lot. But, as always, I believe Hasbro can do MUCH better for the money on ALL of the figures 12" AND 3 3/4".
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