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    Smile ever thought of painting your own RED/YELLOW Clone Trooper ?

    since the KB exclusive RED and YELLOW clone Troopers are kind
    of hard to find and the only difference with these and the basic
    Clone Trooper is the red and yellow markings, you could easily
    make your own custom painted Clone Trooper, just buy some
    good spray paint and use masking tape very carefully and make
    the color markings yourself, it seems like it would be an easy
    job ? :happy:

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    You might want to check your local KB again. I went to mine 2 days ago and they had quite a few laying on the shelves. It seems that they are still getting shipments of these things.
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    If you did want to use a standard clone trooper and paint him yourself, how would you get the red Geonosis dirt off him without damaging his armor? Or would you just paint over it with white?
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    That's way to daring for me. If I didn't already have these, I'd cave and get'em off eBay or something just to avoid the hassle.

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    IG65, I would paint over the dirt color, but make sure to mask it
    off with masking tape and paper really good so the over spray
    doesnt get on other parts. I dont even have a Clone Trooper
    yet, but was thinking of getting one for customizing, I would also
    use a better body with improved articulation.

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    how would you get the red Geonosis dirt off him without damaging his armor? Or would you just paint over it with white?
    there were dirty troopers of all ranks on geneosis, so there would be no need to remove the "dirt" paint.

    besides, the dirt is only on the legs, and the rank colors are on the helmet and arms. but if one were to desire to remove the dirt paint, i bet thinner or finger nail polish remover would work.

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    These things are still popping up here and there around my KBs. They don't usually have them but they do show up.
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    Patience young Padawan. These KB exclusives appear to be becoming shelf warmers. It has been about 10 days since I checked my local KB, but before that they warmed the shelves fairly consistently. Try the KB website.

    P.S. - Just checked the website and they do have them. They ARE a little pricey, though, at 24.99 + SnH.
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    If anything, I would paint them green or Blue. Knowing me I would screw up the dots. Hey how would you paint the dots, for them to look good?
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    Smile Re: painting dots

    I would get a stiff piece of thin cardboard paper and punch little
    holes in it to the correct size you want, then lay it over the area
    you want to paint and spray paint over the holes.


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