Hey guys - this one's really nice!

His lightsaber is awesome, removeable blade, and it attaches to his belt clip - though unfortunately on his wrong side (Dooku wears it on his left and cross-draws)

(if you rotate the belt around so the saber hilt attaches on the correct side - the snap section is in front and it looks worse... I haven't thought of turning the belt upside down, so if it works, I'll post an update)

His uniform is very plain and simple. Reminds you of Death Star II Luke's crossed with Tarkin's tunic.

You've all seen the head sculpt. It is by far THE MOST ACCURATE I've ever seen. Too bad Dooku is not my all-time favorite character or something, but good sculpts I've noticed lately, though this guy is king! (Jango Ultimate Bounty Hunter is pretty right-on as well though).


the plastic chain snaps into place, however, it is also sewn in there, so be careful if you plan on moving, re-moving, or adjusting this piece. There are holes in the cape with little "o-rings" in there, and when boxed, Dooku has clear-bands going through the rings to "pose" his cape. When loose, I suppose they are useless and were they on the real costume, Christopher Lee would have trouble wearing that past airport security. However, you could sew something through there, or use clear bands, to "pose" the cape. This could make a very cool display. However, the shoulder pads are less pliable and want to fit him extremely snuggly. Yet the cloak itself is a very thick material than is sort of "poseable." I'm sure in loose pictures from fans we're going to see some things that look interesting.

Dooku's hands: he can double handle the lightsaber. And his finger grips help a lot, because his uniform is rather stiff, so he's not quick to pose, though very versatile once you get him there. There's a large knob on the saber that Hasbro insisted on wrapping the clear band around twice. Be careful to remove the band slowly, preserving your knob. That's where it attaches to his belt when you want him just wearing the hilt.

Overall, I'm very happy with this figure. I'm wondering if he fits my top 10 list and I'm probably going over to my "rank the 12" post" and try and figure this out.

He won't top 14" electronic Vader, the Speederbike w. Bikerscout, and Ultimate Jango Fett, but I think Dooku comes in VERY CLOSE!

Now that's quality!