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    Seperated at Birth or Brothers from different planets

    Seperated at Birth or Brothers from different planets

    Take a look at this picture and post what you think!!
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    Well if you read my novel about how the Borg invede the "SW" universe, then yes they bring back that technology for those New Delta City folk to use.Star Wars- Star Trek crossover
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    Well I'll be, they DO look alike.
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    It seems like everything is connected, In some way.........Star Wars/E.T./RoboCop/Star Trek/Indiana Jones/G.I.Joe/Transformers/He-Man/Superman/Batman/The Simpsons/???

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    It's a coincidence you bring this up DV, but I was watching The E! True Hollywood Story tonight about RoboCop. It seems he had a brief fling with EV-9D9 which resulted in a super battle droid love child.

    Pretty crazy, huh?
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    Wow! "I Think your right" EV-9D9...Hmmmm.....I Can see that..."From A certin point of view"

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    Call the lawyers! There's a lawsuit in this, I know it! Orion will be back in business any day once they get their check from LFL!

    That's a good "separated at birth" toy find. I have both these figures but this never would have occurred to me.
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    I have both these figures but this never would have occurred to me.

    I found the RoboCop at KB on tue...... Clearence $1.99 (I had to get it!)

    Does anyone have any "Lost Bro/Sis" (Toy) Reunion pics or stories about things they have noticed

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    Speaking of droid look-alikes. One of the Star Tours droids (the name escapes me now, he is one of the figures) looks a lot like the droid in the "Short Circuit" movies.
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    defintly diffefent plants, I mean come on look at'em.
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