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    Multiple Sets of Same Movie-Good or Bad Thing?

    I am just wonder how many people like the multiple sets of the same move? Collectors Edition, Special Edition, Limited Edition, Directors Edition, Put-my-hand-up your butt edition. Movies like Pearl Harbor, Speed, Resevior Dogs with 4 different covers, widescreen/fullscreen versions (come on, should include both versions! (even though I only buy widescreen), Memento, Total Recall, etc., etc.... Then you have sequels... They release the single movies then release them in a 2 or 3-pack with little or no changes shortly after. (I am not referring to movies that have yet to be made, just ones already made). Personally I don't like it. I think the movie industry is just trying to milk you our of every dime. What are your thoughts?
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    I do, but only if it's an improvement on the original version, or it's somthing completly different like in the case of the LOTR's Theatrical and Extended Cuts. I had to have both versions, because the extras are totally different.

    Movies with different covers are a rip-off though. Like the recent Resevoir Dogs 5 different covers bullcrap. They should have just packed all 5 of the slip cases flattened with the DVD and you could choose. Then by making Mr. Brown limited, they created an artificial demand.

    I prefer that if they are going to release a Fullscreen or P&S version, that they make it a seperate release. Why should I have to lose out on special features, just so that someone can watch a cropped and cut movie. No thanks, if J6P needs his Fullscreen, they can have it seperate from the proper film presentation.

    Movies that were originally released barebones, or with a few minor special features I always appreciate a double dip. Discs like Memento, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, that were originally little more the movie only discs, I am glad to see the upgrades.

    Sometimes like in the case of Resident Evil, the studio wants to rush out the DVD, and only gives the director a month or so to get the suppliments ready. So you get a semi-Special Edition, but with plans for a bigger and better release later. I don't mind those as much, because like LOTR's, the extras are usually different.

    The real problems are releases like The Mummy, MIB, etc. That make themselves out to be new editions, but are little more then re-releases of the original versions, with a small EPK's (Electronic Press Kits) and Trailer for the sequel.

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    Angry how do i feel about it?

    it actually drives me crazy, they do the same thing with compact discs.

    i can't tell you how many times i've been forced to buy the who live at leeds for this very reason.

    i've gotten to the point where i now only rent movies. nothing makes me feel more cheated than purchasing what i think is a good difinitive version of a movie, to only find that they're re-releasing it a year later in an even more difinitive version.
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    I don't mind as long as the other version is completley different. If I have a DVD with just the movie on, I will look forward to getting a new release with more Special Features on (like True Lies (love that film)). Like JJB said, I can't stand it when the same DVD is released with different covers, what IS the point .
    I don't really buy fullscreen versions of movies, but they should be different releases and not that double sided (or sometimes single sided) DVD crap .

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    Steve You hit it right on the money. Pun intended. They are after our money. I hope that's not surprising to anyone. After all Hollywood only exists because it makes money. They (movie exects) know that some people will buy six copies of the same movie if they change a little bit. Also, they probally want to put the best possible product out there. They also want to cash in on what little bit of popularity they have, when they have it. Such is the case with Pearl Harbor and Resident Evil and maybe even LOTR.

    On the other hand maybe they do this to help out all kinds of fans. I know some to most people would care less about 72 hours of bonus material on the LOTR 5 disc set, but other plan to buy it. Just selling a $50 set would alienate 95% of people who buy DVDs. Sorry Jar Jar, but avg. people don't care about widescreen or extra features. Some just like the movie in any form (pan & scam included).

    So, movie companies do this for a couple of reason. MONEY $$$$$$ and to make all kinds of fans/customers happy. It's a win win situation. Unless you have a completest problem, then it's a pain in the butt.
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    What company isn't after your money? Seriously there are very few movies that have been released multiple times on DVD. Evil Dead and Army of Darkness probably hold the titles for releases. But some of those were warrented. Look at Evil Dead, each release has been a major improvement on the others.

    As for Army of Darkness, there is the theatrical and director's cut of the film. The director's cut has been released 3 times, but they have all been the same disc. So you don't have to buy the re-issue because you aren't missing anything new. All that it was was different cases, and getting the previous Limited Edition Director's Cut out to a larger number of people.

    LOTR's Extended Edition and Pearl Harbor Extended Edition does not fall into trying to milk the consumer for more money. They were announced at the same time the original release was, so if you didn't want to buy the theatrical, you could wait and get the extended cut. The extras are different for those hard core people that want both. It was great of Peter Jackson to care enough to create new suppliments, instead of shove the same ones on the new set.

    If most people could care less about extra features, you wouldn't see such popularity in those releases. I've never seen anyone complain they want barebones discs, so that is silly to say. The Extended 4-disc set already has more pre-order sales then the 2-discer ever did. S.E. re-releases always generate more sales then their bare-bones counterparts.

    And don't tell me that regular people don't care about widescreen. That isn't true at all. The problem is that some people don't understand widescreen. They think they are loosing picture at the top and bottom. If you can get those people to listen for half a second, most would understand. I know, I have explained it to people in the past.

    And if you are a completist in the DVD hobby, you may as well kill yourself now. Because unless you have a fortune like Bill Gates, you will never be able to afford everything. It's the nature of the beast for re-releases. It happened with VHS in the past, and it will happen with DVD. You just need to read and be in the know, and decide if you need that re-release. Most of the time, the answer is no.

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    I agree fullscreen and widescreen discs should be separate, just included in one price. Although, this won't be much of an issue with me in the near future when I get my 84" widescreen going.

    It just makes me mad as twice it has happened to me where I went and grabbed one of the DVD's from the widescreen bunch (I always grab one from the back) and it being fullscreen. Then I had to take it back (one after I opened it and that was fun to explain to the cashier that looked like she still used beta tapes), blah blah... I pay more attention now.

    But we all know that if Star Wars 4-6 came out one at a time, we would buy each one and then buy the classic 3 pack, then buy the prequel 3-pack and then buy the ultimate 6-pack (1-6) that will probably be $150.00!
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    BTW - if a movie has not been digitally mastered (audio and video), what good is a DVD? Might as well say it's a VCD because the true quality isn't there.
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    Well, not every movie will benefit from being digitally mastered anyway. That will actually bring out the grain in older movies, so it's better that alot of them be left alone. Even if the quality for some isn't perfect, it's still a thousand times better then VHS quality.

    As for audio, I prefer that they have the originally audio tracks. Those fake Stereo tracks that are made from Mono tracks, sound horrible in some instances. I don't mind if they do a Stereo mix for the DVD, but they should include the original mono tracks as well.

    And Steve, If I may call you Steve. I prefer a seperate Fullscreen release. Because that really shows the studios how much better Widescreen sells over Fullscreen. If they start thinking people will accept Fullscreen, you will get alot more Fullscreen only releases. Infact there are some coming up, "Big Fat Liar", "Road to Wellville" and one other movie that slips my mind, is being issued only in P&S.

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    Personally, I'm not thrilled with this sort of thing. With most of 'em, it feels like that besides the money issue, it's also about trying to get the bare-bones DVD out to the public as fast as possible, then let that DVD allow them to coast into "Special Edition DVD" territory at their leisure. But this is a self-sustaining problem because if the industry wasn't so quick to release films so soon after their theatrical releases, they wouldn't have to compete with each other to get the film out faster and faster. Instead of speed of home market releases, they should be concentrating on the quality.
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