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    Angry Attention Scalper Haters!

    Particularly those in the NJ area. I witnessed an extremely disgusting display in the Freehold, NJ Toys R Us earlier today. A pudgy looking dork with glasses, short red hair, and his mother (or was it ugly girlfriend) were loading up their cart with Yoda's. If you see this guy selling figures near you, DON'T BUY THEM! When I realized what was going on, I grabbed the few remaining Yodas I saw and walked away, hiding them at the backs of the pegs in another SW section. I hope these end up in the hands of some kids or real collectors still looking for it.

    I saw tons of HD Anakins and Dookus, leading me to believe I had missed out on TA Anakin and Maul, but the only figs going into this moron's cart that I saw were Yodas.

    That's right, buddy - if you're reading this, you got caught by a true collector. Grow up, get a life, and do humanity a favor - lose that bright green's not a very flattering color on ANY man.

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    Gosh, that sucks! Ain't good sportsmanship either as far as collecting is concerned. I guess this guy had a very disturbed childhood.

    Bet his mom and dad never got him any of the toys he wanted and never showed him the values of sharing with his friends. Surely everything he snatched is gonna' end upon eBay with a VHTF or "rare" description. I wish all the TRU stores restrained shoppers from taking more than two of the same item at checkout (they do that here) that'd help a bit.

    Die scalpers! Die!
    Hard to see, the dark side is.

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    Well, I only witnessed this for a couple minutes, and when I realized what was going on, hid the Yodas and left. I don't know if the store did stop him, but I would have to say it's doubtful - the last time stores actually adhered to that policy was in 1996.
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    I live in NJ, and i see that all the time. It gets really annoying. I have actually seen fights break out in store ailses.
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    This guy was lucky I'm not one of those types. I was ready to say something, but I just walked away. And at one point I thought he AND his mother gave me a dirty look - too bad! As long as no one buys the stuff from him, he'll learn.
    "I take orders from just one person - ME!"

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    I hate those guys who buy all of a particular figure, denying the opportunity for someone else to buy it... that just stinks!

    Even worse... guys who buy two or three of a particular rare figure and then intentionally damage the remaining packages on the rest of those left behind. I've seen this happen and it made me very angry.

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    OH Boy, here we go again with the SCALPER stories. Where should I begin????? Or maybe with the Hot Wheels guys.......
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    makes me gringe! i HATE THEM! what i wouldn't give to hit them in the head with a shopping cart.........grrrr...
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Hango, who do you hate?? The Hot Wheels guys, the scalpers, or BOTH ? Please make your point because between myself and others I'm sure we have a TON of stories about scalpers ect. Or are you post padding...
    Anakin: "Where are you going Master?"
    Obi-Wan: "To get a drink!! A Molson XXX!!"

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    I sincerely do hope that no one buys anything from him if he reallys tries to be funny and auction those cool little Yodas on eBay... Sculpers of the world, DIE DIE DIE!!!

    "It was just a little story outline with bits and pieces," -- George Lucas


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