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    Queen's Royal Decoy Thoughts?

    What do you think of the new Queen Amidala's Royal Decoy?
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    This figure looks pretty good, quite accurate and well-designed. Hopefully, the finished product will look equally fine. It's weird how some of the Queen figures have the heads separate from the headdresses, but I don't think this one does (I heard there were problems with some Theed Amidala figures, maybe that's why it's different).

    All in all, Hasbro looks like they did another competent job on the Queen series. After that first Ep 1 Queen Amidala figure, I can't think of one that's not "pretty good".
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    I'll have to see the whole body first. So far looks pretty good.

    Although, I'm more interested in the classic trilogy figures right now, so I doubt I'll buy her.

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    Like most of the Queen figures... I think she is AWESOME!

    I can't wait! I already have one on order for me! we need some handmaidens!
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    I think a handmaiden 2-pack would be pretty cool.
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    Since the handmaidens outfits changed depending on what Amidala was wearing, then maybe they should pack one hand maiden in with each Amidala, corresponding with which gown she's wearing.

    Which would be a problem if you wanted multiple handmaidens, since you would also end up with multiple Amidalas.

    I think Hasbro should just bite the bullet and put aside conventional wisdom and make a mini-line of figures based on Amidala and her handmaidens, similar to the Princess Leia collection but with a lot better sculpts.

    Anybody with me?

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    the master jedi
    I really can't wait for this figure to come out. I've wanted this one to come out for a long time.

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    I've been waiting for Hasbro to make more of the dressed-up Queens. The Coruscant outfit was pretty ornate and IMO is the better of the two gowned Queen figures.

    What else is there?

    • Palpatine quarters dress
    • Coruscant platform dress (going back to Naboo)
    • Final celebration dress
    • Handmaiden dress (for Padme)

    It seemed like there were umpteen costume changes in the movie, but I can only think of these three that haven't been done yet.
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    MC, that's about it. Coruscant Amidala is incomplete without her overcoat, so you could say that one too, but other than that, your list is accurate as far as I can remember.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    YEAH its pretty cool although I too will wait to see the bottom half of Her but so far I'm impressed!
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