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Thread: Wal-Mart????

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    I went to Wal-Mart in Cleveland Hts. today to kill some time and do a "Hunt" for figures while my mother was at the doctors office. Well, they didn't have one SW figure at all. So I asked the one guy that was stocking the toy dept. if they had any SW figures??? He told me that they shipped all the figures to other stores. That they weren't selling here. I walked around the whole toy dept. and did NOT see one SW item. Has anyone else run into this problem???? HH......
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    Thats poodoo! Are they opening more Wal-Marts in your area? Thye may not have a shipment soon enough so they had to get some from another store. I believe Star Wars makes Wal-Mart a lot of money. It's not likely that Wal-Mart would just 'not carry' Star Wars toys.
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    There is a new Super Wal-Mart that Just opened here, and last week they did not have any SW Toys either except 3 12" Watto from Episode I.

    Talk about sucking, I thought for sure a new store would be well stocked. Go Figure!
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    That happened in MN quite a few months before Ep II came out.

    The only store to actually have the figs were the TRU stores. Target, Kmart, FAO, KB all dumped them from their pegs unless there was an exclusive then you'd see some old beat up figs to go with it.

    Either they didn't order any more shipments or they needed to make room. With Harry Potter, Two Towers, and christmas around the corner, I would have guessed the star wars isle would vanish pretty soon here. The isles have been thining around here for months now. About a month or so after Ep II came out the demand was already falling and some stores drastically downsized.

    It happens...and people still think this line will last to 2008. I remember when the vintage disapeared in the blink of an eye in the 80's shortly after RTOJ.

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    Aisles here have been steadily shrinking for months, but nobody has outrught gotten rid of everything.

    Still, you never know. tjovonovich is right, the vintage line seemed to be here one day and then gone the next. It wouldn't surprise me to see it happen again.

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    I think all of those figures were sent to my store in Orem, UT. There are tons of royal guards, ERSs, and other figures clogging the shelves. I wish we could get rid of some here.

    Another great example of distribution gone awry.
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    I remember when the old coin cards came out shortly before christmas, and I picked up 2 cause that's all my allowance would cover before the holidays. When I went out shopping after the holidays all the stuff was gone. Even for months after that, nothing. Not a spot of star wars anywhere.

    You'd think since this was movie 2 of 3, the hype would be huge, we'd have a ton of figs to buy and merchandise up to our ears, but yet, its like the line is slowly fading out.

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    My Walmart still has an entire side of an aisle dedicated to Star Wars Toys. Mind you I haven't seen any new figs since Chewie (Minus the Walmart exclusive Cantina's), so maybe they are going to cut it down soon.
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    I think that the main problem with this whole situation is Episode I merchandising....Remember when they had Star Wars slapped on everything from plates, to towels, to shampoo, to skateboards, to get the idea. There were about 85 different Star Wars items for sale at any particular store at any particular time after Episode I. It really ruined some stores when all that stuff wouldn't sell.....Then when the Episode II came around, stores forgot all about it, and ordered Waaaay too many figures. You'd think that the stores would have learned their lessons....but, at least there weren't so many Star Wars items this time around. The fact that figures aren't selling anymore may put a damper on the future of the Star Wars action figure line.....
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    I was just in a Walmart in Maryland. I walked down the aisle where SW figures are normally....and there wern't any. I saw the Saga ships and Reek sitting way on the top shelf, but no figures.

    I started to panic. I started to wander around the rest of the store. About half way back next to the tool and outdoor stuff, there were 2 clearance aisles. All the Saga figures were sitting on the shelves there, but they were not on clearance. Of course the newest basic figure thy had was Bespin Luke/Vader, and Mace and they had the Deluxe Anakin and Nexu. No Cantina sets.

    It was strange.
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