In Hasbro's Voting Chamber (not the bracket tournament) you can vote on your favorite packaging (card backs). VINTAGE's full pictures are up there vs. POTF2, E1, POTJ, etc.

Looks like they're going to see if we want vintage style packaging back again.


They show Obi-Wan Kenobi on:

1) 12-back, ANH

2) Return of the Jedi (still vintage - full size pic, but splits vintage votes)

3) POTF2 (green card Holosticker)

4) POTJ (Millennium Falcon, Jedi Training)

5) E1 (Jedi Apprentice, soft goods)

Currently, Power of the Jedi (??? !#$@!!!) is winning because Hasbro must want to self-aggrandize itself, as POTJ is better than any modern card - however, with VINTAGE split between ANH and ROTJ, each old-school style gets only half the votes, and POTJ takes the lead).

Defeat the evil plans of Hasbro's self-congratulating marketing team and show 'em we want full-size right-out-of-the-movie action photo cards like the old days.

I strongly urge you to log on to Hasbro's site and vote for Obi-Wan's card from Return of the Jedi (better picture) and poor the heat on! POTJ is going down!

(if you all absolutely agree it should be the ANH card, then make it that one. But don't let them split the VINTAGE vote! ROTJ actually says the movie name, though. Not just "Star Wars." In that case, new figure packages could say "Attack of the Clones" not just Star Wars.)

So I thought I'd make that distinction about the two choices of VINTAGE card backs.

Let's go guys. The Force is with us!