That was the most disgusting hoax I've ever seen! An old psycho who likes to pretend he's still in his glory days even though he loses his breath after one verse of the first song? And what was that "band" he had? Looks like after he fired the real talent, he went to a stinking circus looking for half-witted clowns to fill out the roster!

Sorry, but it's not GNR without Slash. Axl and Slash are both as vital to that band as Mick and Keith are to the Stones. Without either, it's not the same.

And Axl looks like he could take tips in aging well from David Lee Roth. Not to mention that even Brian Wilson thinks he's completely insane.

From here forward, I propose that we all refer to anything after The Spaghetti Incident? as the work of a bad cover band called The-b*****d-cover-band-stealing-the-name-of-one
W Axl Rose needs to be flogged with whips soaked in yak spit. Any solo release by any of the other Gunners is a million times better than the garbage he does with his cover band. Yes, even Duff's pretty miserable Believe In Me.

Viva Guns Sans Rose!