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Thread: I did it!! :)

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    I did it!! :)

    I bowled a 298 game in Bowling. This was my highest game in bowling ever. The ABC (American Bowlers Confernce gave me a ring as a prize for mt high game.
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    No, you couldn't have done it without me.
    I'm exploring and revisiting some of the old Gen Disc threads and I come back to see that EVERY ONE of them has been padded.

    Spamming is nothing to brag about, especially when taken to the extreme of starting a new thread about spamming.

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    what are you talkiing about, I 'm talking about my bowling game?
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    He's talking about a bowling score Caesar. If you look, you'll see that he bowled a 298 while he has over 520 posts.

    As for browsing through all the old GenDisc threads; you know what happens when you disturb the muck at the bottom of a lake bed? Well, that's what the GenDisc section feels like right now.
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    That's an incredible score. Is that a strike every time except for your last ball? Holy moly. Id be happy to get the 98. Good job!

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    yep, I was so nervous my last during my last ball that my legs felt like rubber. I ended up just rolling the ball, I had no clue how many pins I had knocked down cause I didn't even watch the ball go down the lane, I knew I didn't have a chance for the last strike.
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    I have been bowling for about 8 years, and my high game is 279. Which is a nine count, followed by 11 strikes. And the nine count should have been a strike. Oh well, what can you do.

    I have bowled 12 strikes straight between 2 games. And my friend wasted a 300 once by bowling it in a no tap tournament. It was a natural 300. He was ****ed.
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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    He's talking about a bowling score Caesar. If you look, you'll see that he bowled a 298 while he has over 520 posts.
    Oh, nothing but gutter balls here . . .
    You'd laugh if you saw the pre-edited post which had nothing to do with bowling.

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    Oh, well, my bowling story is true.
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    so is mine.
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