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    Cool your opinion on darth maul ST.

    what do you think of him? i just got him yesterday, and he is a very good figure. the only problem is that the magnet doesn't hold the lightsaber very well...probably because it's a huge saber. other than that, one hell of a figure. great sculpt, great evil grin, very cool double bladed "sith lightsaber." just thought i would share my opinion....what's yours??????
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    I dont have it, but I am sick of all these Maul's. I dont think i will be picking this one up.
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    I invited him round for tea. Very ameanable chap really. He has a degree in philosophy and archeology. His sister adopts orphans that no-one else wants and he has become godfather to several. His character is very stable and he's told me that he's ready to settle down and find the right girl, maybe raise a family too. He's looking teaching position at a University somewhere so he can continue his private studies while also passing on the benefit of his own learning and knowledge.
    He has just started a charity for over tattooed people who cannot afford the laser treatment to rectify the exuberance of youthful folly. Maul regrets his silly tattoos but says he is going to keep them as a constant reminder to all the impressionable kids out there that they just aren't cool anymore. Tattoos - just say no kids.....

    So my opinion of Maul is quite high. I hold him in the highest esteem for being an exemplary member of our modern society.

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    I think he is a pretty cool figure. But yeah, the magnet is pretty weak, especially when you do his twirlling often flies out of his hand........but over all a good fig, with a good pose.
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    I was impressed by the look of it. Sure beats some of those PM versions they came out with.

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    It looks great and I think it's the best Maul yet.
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    -Maul- l_l

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    Glad you guys like him so much.

    Personally I think he sucks. So, this makes the third EU version of Darth Maul? What a crock!
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    he's pretty cool.
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    I think he looks much better than all of TPM's Mauls... Don't you people agree? But I must say he is quite up there with another of my favourite Maul, Darth Maul Sith Training...

    "It was just a little story outline with bits and pieces," -- George Lucas

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    this IS darth maul sith mean the sith training gear maul, from POTJ, right?
    Sampsonite! i was way off!


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