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    Best Unleashed Toy of this Year!

    What is in your opinion the best Unleashed toy. I think so far the Vader is the best and please also tell me what you think the best

    Playskool of set of this year is by clicking this link.

    Best Vehicle or playset of this year.

    Best figure of this year.
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    watchin chappelles show the lost episodes.
    best unleashed looks like it's going to be either dooku or mace./ they both look sweet!
    off to work i go!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    I would have to agree with Hango Fett, the Mace Does look pretty sweet. But, Vader is awesome too!
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    Dont have it yet, but the Mace just looks awesome!! really nice sculpt, with the fire in the back ground with that pose adds to the whole thing
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    Your right Hango. I forgot about the Mace. But they are both really cool. I like how they did a much better job on this Vader versus the 3 3/4in version.
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    id have to say hands down vader is the best so far that has been released

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    I would have to go with Dooku.

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    Without a doubt Darth and Mace!!

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    I haven't seen Dooku or Mace at all yet. But from the ones I have seen, Vader has my vote.
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    ::cries because he can't find vader unleashed::
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