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Thread: LOTR Accents

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    Caesar, I've known several people from the Wisconsin/Minnesota area while I was in the Army and only one of them had an accent like what was shown in Fargo. Only that was very infrequent, most of the time he talked normal but every once in a while it would rise to the surface. I was just using it as an example of a film with obvious faked accents (we know those actors don't speak that way in real life) which no one really complained about in a special thread on SSG.
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    Oooh, since you mentioned Minnesota -

    I bet to "outsiders", Wisconsin/Minnesota might sound quite similar . . . but amongst ourselves there are differences here and there. I, however, am along Lake Michigan so we're FAR away from Minnesota. Still, your point is valid, because if you traveled from here to Minnesota and further West to Fargo, there would of course be varying accents. But to a fine Alamogordonian like yourself, it might all sound quite similar.

    I had the same experiences myself, during my travels into the Southeast part of the country. I bet QLD and Jango96 would sound "the same" to me, but to each other I bet they'd nail the differences from NC to GA in a heartbeat.

    FOTR accents? I thought they were fine, but of course I don't have the same perspective as an Englishmen . . .
    Hugo Weaving? Yeah, I can agree with JT and the others - that guy is SO Agent Smith to me, I couldn't really get around it. Not sure if thats my fault or his.

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    Originally posted by Jek Porky 2002
    Actually Peter Jackson himself said that the Hobbits where supposed to be little English people.
    This is just something the Tolkien says about the Hobbits. It's more like the way they act rather than talk. Never in the books does it say what a hobbit sounds like. Sure, they should sound British, but they don't have to.
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    I think the only problem with Wood's dialect is that his delivery was very deliberate so as not to slip too much. Good job to Weaving for masking his accent so deliberately, though an Aussie accent hasn't deviated that far from the english dialect. Viggo Mortensen didn't even try, perhaps he couldn't grasp the voice coaching.
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