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Thread: LOTR Accents

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    LOTR Accents

    I've just wathed The Fellowship Of The Ring on DVD, and while I was watching I noticed something that I didn't at the Cinema, Elija Wood's English accent is terrible, I know that the majority of non-English people wouldn't notice, but when he shouts or says something fast, he just looses his accent completley, its the same with the guy who plays Samwise and also with Vigo Mortenson who plays Strider, it really gets to me, and I think on a film like this they should have only cast English actors, what do you think?

    Oh and one more thing, The only decent English impersonation I've heard on film is Glen Close in 101 Dalmations, not once did her accent break through!
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    Sounded fine to me. I thought they all did a really good job. Besides they weren't supposed to be English accents, but Middle Earth accents.

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    Actually Peter Jackson himself said that the Hobbits where supposed to be little English people.
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    I didn't really look for it, but the one that really struck me as being odd was Agent Smith... er, I mean Elrond played by Hugo Weaving. It's not that his accent is "wrong" or anything, it's that his voice is SO distinct and first made noticable here in the states in The Matrix, so whenever he's on screen in LOTR, all I can think is "I wonder if the smell of Hobbits is bothering him".
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    You're so right about Hugo. I kept giggling whenever he was on screen.

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    I loved Hugo in LOTR. I can hear him saying...
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    "Mr. Baggins. This Fellowship is an infection."
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    Is it just me or are the English really, really protective of their accent? No offense or anything, but do you really hear of someone from the South starting up a thread to complain about how fake Tom Hanks' accent was in Forrest Gump? Or a guy from Wisconsin complaining about Fargo?

    I just think it is kind of funny that the English take their accent so seriously.

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    in regard to accents, i don't understand why some actors use a foreign accent, but speak english in the film. take harrison ford's film, "K-19, The Widowmaker", for example. ford is playing a russian, but for the sake of the english speaking audience, he speaks english instead of russian. so what's the point of using a goofy russian accent if you're not going to speak russian? he should of just spoke in his normal voice. i think the audience would of reacted better to that. i bet a lot of people were turned off to ford's accent in that film, so they didn't see the film.

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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    Or a guy from Wisconsin complaining about Fargo?
    I'm from Wisconsin, and I've never heard any Wisconsinite sound remotely like the fine folks in the movie Fargo.
    We do have an accent that I don't like, but it's different from that.

    derek, I enjoyed the accents in K-19, I think they do it to give it a little more authenticity. Even though they are speaking English, by at least trying to use a Russian accent they do come across as more . . . Russian.

    I think it's crazy to not see that movie due to Ford's accent !


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