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    Deluxe Clonetrooper and Geonosian carded...

    Go here for carded images of Pilot Jango, Clonetrooper, and the Flying Geonosian. Sorry if this has already been posted...I hadn't seen it.

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    Hooray! I can't wait to not see these on the pegs!

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    I don't see the point on having removable armour with the deluxe clonetrooper.
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    I think the Clonetrooper is awesome.Finally a good figure on the pegs.I love the removable armor,although I hope it has the ability to stay on during play
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    But it appears that only some of the armour is removable.
    "hopped up on Jar Jar Binks"

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    It looks like he will also have yet another lame gimmick.

    Lame gimmick aside, this figure looks very promising. I'm not too sure about the rest of the armor, but I am glad to see he will have a removable helmet.

    I do believe this make 3 Deluxe figures worthy of my money.
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    I like the removalable armour for dioramas but I should have kept my old speeder bikes from POTF.......a little red paint, and some extra white clone troopers and Wa La!!

    Deluxe Clone trooper with speeder.....

    Doesn't matter I will still buy it, probably two of em!!!

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    I like the figure alot, although I think the only piece of armor that really needs to be removable is the helmet. I'm a little disappointed in the speeder bike. I was expecting a different design, not just a repaint. Doesn't matter though, I'll still buy it.

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    The best part is that we're seeing images of these figures and the deluxe Yoda and 3PO haven't showed up here yet!

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    The Republic insignia on the clone undersuit isn't as vibrant in the mass-production phase, but overall, a good transition. Well, mostly, this is a good test for "Javelin" Kenobi. I predict the clone will throw the grenade at his feet more often than whatever else is on my desk by that time.

    Geonosian doesn't really impress me, nor will it kids...speeder bike or poo hive? It's a mismatched choice for consumers. Replace it with a big sonic turret, and you have equal odds. Ah well.
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