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    Heman toys with tape

    Hey goes found soem of the basic he-man figs with types donw here the esp where to save skeletor grouped with the bad guys and itno the abyss with the good guys.

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    They are Wal-Mart exclusives. My Wal-Mart had a whole endcap full of them when I stopped there today. They are only attached to the first 6 figures though. Ram Man and Jungle Attack He-Man do not have the tapes attached.

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    to same with down i was bout to think that the walmart is was and had only a few he-man gig and alot off the dexules.

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    The cool thing about these is that they have the same price, $7.77, as the ones that don't come with the tapes . . .

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    Oh Man, my Wal Mart hasn't gotten these yet they have been slow with the figures lately.
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    I picked up Man at Arms with the tape today. Way cool! They also had Mer Mans too. Still no sign of RamMan yet.
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    I got the first basic six without the video. I am hoping I can get the videos without having to buy two duplicates.
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    I watched the tape that came with my figure. Not an exciting episode, but amusing none the less.
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    We were in Wm today and after I grabbed a LOTR Ringwraith with Horse, I let my daughter pick out a figure. She chose Mer-man with a tape. Bringing my MOTU figures to two. (IronCross HM and the Mermeister...)

    She also wants "the kitties" (Battle Cat and Panthor)...

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    Does anyone know who else is going to be produced besides the first six figs?? I know Ram Man and I've heard Mekanek (sp). How many more waves are coming?
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