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    Just now seeing all the talk on the JCP stated in the previous email, I've been away

    The box on the JCP AT-At is not that important, but if you don't get it with the box you might also not get the extra mini figures and the snowspeeder. Also the instructions are nice just to show the added sound feature

    When I ordered the JCP AT-AT, I don't think there was a picture to even indicate that it was different, but I ordered it sight unseen anyway...just in case . Who would have thought!
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    Action Fleet prototype (Test-shot).
    Saga Battle Pack Landspeeder + proof card (Hong Kong).

    LOTR - ROTK rated A+++ !

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    Cool ok ws & r2, we'll keep in touch if any t-time developments

    ws: "They'll go last"
    -that's for sure, considering he's missing the binocs which are the coolest part

    r2: "have a lot of things on my plate"
    -back from hawaii & xmas next week? i can imagine i was recently in hawaii in spirit (watched Punch Drunk Love- Hump coming soon); so didja feel my presence?

    gsj: "not much to talk about about, so no reason to pop in frequently"
    -reason? we need a Reason? who needs reasons when mms are themselves our raison d'etre?
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    About the box, I was joking 'bout Sr. Siqnus's remark about the JCP with box being rarer than the one without.
    Anyways, I saw long ago I wasn't missing much with the box. And since I have taken my whole collection out of the box anyways it really doesn't matter to me at all. As far as I can tell my AT-AT is as mint as can be, and I did get the figures and the mini snowspeeder with it after I asked the guy if he happened to have them laying around (he did and charged me an extra $5 which I gladly paid).
    Anyways, merry X-mas to all (for once I'd like to be the first instead of the last)

    Quote Originally Posted by shinakuma43
    RobertDD: What I meant was I'd rather have it with the box than without since it's so impossible to get either way, and with the box I can easily take it out and have it loose. You aren't missing much not having the box. You're only missing a white box, a plastic tray, and maybe the instructions. I still can;t believe I finally managed to get one after searching for so long. 75.00 (86.00 with shipping) in my mind is an awesome deal. I know wat you paid, the best deal ever, but I decided long ago that I'd pay whatever it took to get it when I saw one, even if it meant spending 500.00 or more on it (which I'm glad I didn;t have to do) since I've been searching for so long for it. Replacing the money would be much easier than finding another one I'm sure.

    So who has it? I know you, R2, and I have it. You actually know others who have it as well? If I remember correctly Sicqnus didn't win the one that was on ebay a couple months ago.

    a very happy S43 : )

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    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates but doesn't go away
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    Same seller as above has homing spider droid proto!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SWAFMAN
    Same seller as above has homing spider droid proto!
    Like that items but my budget is pretty low now. Maybe in the future...
    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates but doesn't go away
    My trade feedback

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    THX1166 wins the protohomidroid for $155 (honestly, I'm a little surprised it didn't go higher. not because it's worth more, but just based on how high some of the released stuff - like the DCS & E-Wing - have been selling for).
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    Rawcliffe Pewter Tydirium Shuttle (buy it now for only $13) :
    Lot of loose Saga AF with stands :
    Lot of 20 loose AF (complete) including Royal Starship :


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