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    GSJ: I have the A-Wing with exposed hinge without battle damaged markings loose and boxed. It's kind of hard to come by and if I remember correctly I got both of mine accidentally. Well, not really by accident, but there probably wasn't an image included in the auctions I won to get them.

    The Interceptor in the other auction does look like the dark version, it also looks like the large version of Vader's TIE Fighter is one of the other 4.


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    Wink Emblemless A-wing

    Hi gsj,
    if you are still looking for the emblemless A-wing I just found an on-line store which apparently has it in stock (even if I wasn't able to find out the price).

    Here is the link to M&M Collectable Toys, if you follow the "STAR WARS ACTION FLEET" link and scroll down you will find an "A-WING ERROR it is missing the lightning bolts and the rebel symbol".

    I once bought some E1 MM Die-cast items from M&M Collectibles, and they were OK, but I do not know if they are the same (maybe not).

    Hope it helps.


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    Many months ago I posted images of a Canadian Avon exclusive Battle Pack 7 that I won. Well, in case anyone wants one there is one up on ebay right now. It's only the second one I've ever seen. I have it so I don't need it.


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    Thank you S43

    I am definitely trying for one of these.
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    Good luck Swafman, the title isn't very descriptive so hopefully no one notices it and you get it cheap. The one I got about 8 months ago went for I think 5.00, the minimum bid. I figured it would have gone higher but luckily it didn't. I just checked the auction again and just noiced it is a dutch auction. If I were you I'd just hold off until shortly before it ends to bid any higher. Hopefully you get one of them anyways. I'm sure R2 will want one as well.


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    re: dutch auction

    I dunno what the heck happened. There were zero bids and no reserve when I visited the site and I bid a maximum of $10.00. It jumped directly to $10.00. I emailed eBay to ask whassup with that. Obviously, I don't mind paying the $10.00 or I wouldn't have bid it, but I'd have liked to see it stay at $5.00 at least until I was bid up by someone else.
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    re: Battle Squads BP#1...

    GSJ, thanks for the heads-up! I did already get an opener and an unopened card on this one.

    Anyone else interested? They're okay detail - not the best - but in good scale to the b-squads WW2 fighters and the C130. Most of my b-squads battle packs came from Canada via eBay (Marina's Toys), and I've had good service from there.
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    GSJ: I red those BP auctions a little too quick. I thought they were silver logo auctions without the extra figures. So far I've never seen any like that but it wouldn't surprise me to find out that they exist.

    SWAFMAN: I actually think I got my Combat Packs from Marina's Toys as well months ago. I've been on the lookout for another Combat Pack #3 though. It's the only one I don't have loose and it never seems to show up on ebay anymore. Last time I saw it was a long time ago. All four Combat Packs were included, I only needed the #3 so I didn't bid. They went for 18.00 and I now often feel I should have taken them all. Oh well hopefully I'll get it soon. I have a deal going for a loose Sherman and once I get both of them I'll have them all loose and boxed.


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    VT - You win.

    Yep, I've seen the truth. MissMiataRacer IS scalper scum. Right now she is bidding as 2-3 different people on Ebay: SBcid, SB114, and warp_factor_10, not sure about her being SBcid, but I know she's SB114 and warp_factor_10. Those three names are major hoarders on Ebay, always going for the toughest to get items and bidding high amounts even as a start bid, and lately stuff has been going down in price on ebay, but most definitely not on her store. I don't doubt she hoards for for stock on her store but even with more supply to meet demand the prices are still too much higher. Maybe I'm just exaggerating here by calling her a scalper, I dunno, but it's rather pathetic that someone registers 2-3+ names on ebay so they hoard things but not look like hoarders since it's a number of people and not just one.
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