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    State and county Income Taxes? in the USA

    I recently moved up here to Maryland and was suprised to find out that this little state has state, county, and some city income tax!
    I'm from Texas where there is no state income tax and I cant figure this out

    Maryland Population-5.3 million
    MD land area-9,774 sq. miles
    MD Taxes out the yahoo

    Texas Population-20.9 million
    TX land area 261,797 sq. miles
    Not 1 penny in state or county income taxes
    4x the people
    26x the size

    Dont get me wrong I like it here but I was just wondering
    Are there state income taxes where you are?

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    yes there are county and state.
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    i think texas and florida are the only two states with no state income tax. there may be a couple more, but the vast majority have a state tax.

    and i'm pretty sure it will stay that way for a while. any state senator who tried to invent a new tax would be out of a job pretty quick.

    rush limbaugh himself said he moved from new york to florida to escape the high city and state taxes!

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    Hey rynobot
    I saw your other post, but figured I was getting way off topic so I thought I would ask it here.

    So Texas and Florida may be my only options to avoid them? at least they are both good ones to me, except I like snow in the winter.

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    California taxes everything ...

    I would look at the difference in persons per square mile when it comes to Texas vs. Maryland. Maryland also probably has a higher average income ... more income to tax (how can they resist?) I would suspect that as (or if) the population of Texas grows and the need to support that growth grows, they might eventually look for new ways to pay for that growth.

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    its obvious why they don'y have an income tax in Florida, everyone is retired.
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    Originally posted by rynobot
    its obvious why they don'y have an income tax in Florida, everyone is retired.
    Good point!

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    Florida has the luxury of a thriving tourist business. They can tax the heck out of transient visitors instead of residents. They also have a population explosion going on which funnels huge loads of cash in. When the growth rate slows, as it eventually has to, taxes will increase. The tourist business took a huge hit last year with the terrorist scare, and the tax base was crippled.
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    Yeah,I dont think we have a State and Country Income tax here in FL.Bad enough they want to keep raising the state sales tax up.

    JON is right,Florida charges luxury tax on Disney,McDonalds,Universal,everything tourist related.Supposedly to fund public schools..thats a joke.
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    big chewie - just be happy you didn't move another couple hundred miles north to here (central PA). My town has, in addition to the state and local taxes, an "Occupational Assessment Tax" or OAT. This thing is the most ridiculous tax I've ever seen. You pay a tax based upon your job title. Example: A housewife may pay $100 per year, and a plumber may pay $350, and an electrical engineer may pay $500. It makes NO DIFFERENCE how much your actual wages are, only your job title. You could be the door greeter at a local store, but since your parents own the store they pay you $1 million a year for that job, but your OAT tax will be very little. But you could be a manager of that same store, but the cheap, stingy owners may only pay you minimum wage for that job, but since your title is a Manager, you'd pay more OAT tax than the door greeter making $1 million a year. I've exaggerated the wages in the example to make a point, but the principle is the same - this tax is totally unfair because it uses too arbitrary a method of taxing. In my mind, charging someone a higher or lower tax based on a job title is barely different than charging someone a tax based on their ethnic or racial label. The only fair ways to determine tax (if there can be any FAIR way to tax) are to either charge everyone the same fixed amount, or a flat tax where everyone pays the same percentage of their wages.

    I have lived in this area for about 12 years, and I've NEVER paid this tax out of outrage at its idiocy. I constantly receive threatening letters and gub'ment buttholes banging on my door saying my property will be seized, but in all these years they've never done anything but threaten. I've told them that if they ever try to take my property or attach my wages, I'll fight them all the way to the Supreme Court over this tax. There's also a group fighting to get this tax abolished, but I've never talked with any of them. They're trying to get a measure on our ballot for the next election to eliminate the tax.
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