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    Okay, just been over at rebelscum where they were discussing the SK-J38 droid. Seems at the Japanese Star tours attraction there's a droid that looks very suspiciously like BG-J38 from jabba's palace. Given hasbro's love of recycling and the fact that BG-J38 was actually the 8-D8 prop with a new head, It's highly plausible that Hasbro would take the existing 8-D8 body and shove a new head on it and issue that as this new droid. From thew tiny picture rebelscum posted it doesn't look like they used the actual BG-J38 head in the attraction but something similar. Even if it were BG-J38 I really wouldn't mind because it would be one more character officially done from Jabba's palace. I could imagine that it would sell well anyway. The droid I was dissing in my last post looked like a Tomy robot to me. One of those things that has around four commands and just bumps into things, y'know the kind of thing we used to marvel at before interactive got big.
    Whatever, Just thought I'd post this. Seems this section doesn't get much traffic so......

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    Originally posted by EMPEROR JARGO

    And as for the DL droid 'box with arm' I just weep to think people are actually buying that crud. I've seen everything now. You take a toy like FX-7 and compare it to that DL droid and it's like stone age meets 21st century. The disparity in both quality and creativity is astonishing.

    Hey Jargo, what did you want Hasbro to do, add extra arms and a firing rocket like Kenner did with R5-D4? It's a simple little droid.
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