As was stated in another thread, I said that there was rumors of there being 9 of them. According to people that spoke to Disney operators they only confirmed 6 figures. Well, has updated and they announced the last three figures.

Star Tours Toys Debut
August 28, 2002

Since 1987, guests of the Disney theme parks have ventured aboard a Star Tours speeder to check out the moons of Endor, only to be sidetracked to a rocky mis-adventure by a perpetually inexperienced Captain Rex (RX-24).

Earlier this month, a partnership between Disney and Star Wars toy licensee Hasbro opened "Once Upon a Toy". This 16,000-square-foot store in the Downtown Disney Marketplace at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is the home of wide array of exclusive Disney-themed merchandise - including the first official figures inspired by the droids of Star Tours.

Already available are 3 3/4" scale figures of Captain Rex, G2-4T and R3-D3. Joining them soon will be figures of R4-M9, DL-X2 and WEG-1618. Another three figures -- G2-9T, R5-D4 and SK-Z38 -- are expected to round-out the lineup later this year.

Also exclusive to the store are four Star Tours-labeled Star Wars roleplay items: a Rebel Alliance Blaster, Rebel Alliance Bowcaster, Galactic Empire Rifle and Jedi Training Academy Lightsaber.


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