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    maybe probably at least one but it doesn't look that great

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    I will definitely get one! I enjoy hasbro making new figures for the 12" line.

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    I'll get at least 1, and maybe a second to take apart for display (if I can find one at a discount).
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    but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese...

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    Yes, absolutely, if I can find one.
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    That's a great idea. I might try that as well...IF I find 1 loose
    or at discount.
    : )


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    I'm definitely getting one or MORE.

    For those who don't get any or are only going to get one, GREAT! This will leave more for me. I really like the redesigned BD. The color is cool and as long as there is at least as much articulation as the 3 3/4 scale I'll be happy.
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    I may buy one. I'll have to see it for myself. I'll definatly get Dooku, but Zam Wessell will have to go. Hasbro dropped the ball on that one.
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    Super Battle Droid - Loose - POOR ARTICULATION!

    All I wanted was for the droid's arm to be able to turn at the wrist so its built in lasers could be aimed the way the droid did it in the movie.

    With no accessories, they could have done that.

    Or even made the guns on the arm retract and spring out, like they do when Dooku makes them halt their fire.

    But Nyyyooooo! Hasbro made a solid sculpt (the good), with generally tight joints (ankle articulation would have been bad for this top-heavy droid anyway, IMO) but the lack of wrist articulation for a non-accessoried figure makes this one hit my "bad list." - not whole-heartedly (I bought 2 of them) but it could have been more than it is!
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    I bought this one just because I am a completist. This is the yang to the Count Dooku yin. I have myself believing that for every good figure they do, Hasbro cheeses on 5 to recoup the money. It is amazing to me that a rollercoaster can have more downs than ups.
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    Being a completist I bought this figure also, but I didn't expect much from the SBD in the first place. Who knows, with my low expectations for this figure I may actually be surprised when I finally receive it.


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