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    Angry Venting about the Scout Trooper

    I currently have one "dirty" Scout Trooper that I purchased from Yestertoys, and every time I look at it, it kills me. When I look at the figure from the back I can almost create the illusion that it is a "clean" Scout and it is so much more aesthetically pleasing...

    Why did Hasbro decide to produce so many "dirty" Scouts and so few "clean" ones? The only clean Scout I saw here in Boston was at a Wal-Mart on a crushed card. I turned it down because funds were low at the time, and I was also concentrating on my Mobile Suit Gundam collection at the time, but now I rue the day I turned down that clean trooper at least once every couple of weeks when I lay eyes on my dirty one.

    Why, Hasbro? Why??

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    Depends on the area. I have seen a ton of clean version, and very few dirty version. I believe that like the current Endor Rebel Soldier in the Saga line, he was produced in a 50/50 quantity. You could try trading for one, if you really want the clean version that badly. Or get some white paint and repaint your dirty version.

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    I have a couple of clean ones and never liked the look of the dirty ones at all. (of course I didn't like the way the visor was painted on any of them and had to repaint both of mine)

    So I understand your frustration with the dirty one, Smackmgack. What's really stupid is that the Target accesory pack comes with another dirty Scout Trooper, you would think Hasbro would have used this opportunity to even out the numbers a little.
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    i never say any of the clean ones out here in my neck of the woods.

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    I found 2 clean ones, 3 dirty ones and 1 from the Accessory pack.
    I kept 1 clean version on card....the rest I opened.
    I think they should have made equal numbers of both version as well!

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    Darth Vellner, I think that they did. It shipped for quite a while in the Clean version and was snapped up by collectors and army builders. Then they switched over to the dirty ones, and people only wanted a few dirty ones to salt into their clean ones. That is why you could actually find dirty ones on the shelf, on occassion. Myself, I actually saw more of the clean version.

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    You know... the "dirty" paint can be removed. I have successfully removed paint from figures in the past using a diluted form of paint stripper. Using this technique you can bring your Scout Trooper back to pure white. You might need to touch up some of the black paint afterwards, but it is possible to change the paint job on a figure. I used this technique to redo the paint on the Sandtrooper which came with the POTF2 Dewback. As you may recall, this set came with an orange tinted figure. I was able to remove the orange paint and bring the figure back to white, and then I redid the weathered effect with the speckled brown paint consistent with the carded Sandtrooper. Now all my Sandtroopers look like they come from the same desert. So if you are really desperate for a "clean" Scout Trooper, I don't see any reason why you couldn't take the paint off the the "dirty" one you have.

    What I did with my Scout Trooper is to just remove some of the "dirty" paint, as I liked how it looked in some places, like on the boots. But for the arms, head, and midsection, I used my soft "buffing" wheel on my dremel tool to carefully buff away some of the paint so it appears less dirty. There is still some dirt, but it looks like a more realistic amount of dirt now.


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