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    New R5-D4 ??????

    There is going to be a figure of R5-D4 included in the Star Tours line.
    Why is R5 being included in this line and not the regular Saga line?? Everyone has been wanting a new sculpt of him. Will it just be a rehash of the old R5-D4 that we all hated (perhaps without the inner rocket and the 2 halves glued together, I wouldnt put it past Hasbro ).
    I understand that he is seen in the ride, but will they be wasting this opportunity to give us a completely new and awesome R5-D4?? I hope not.
    What are your thoughts.

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    Well, out of the 6 Star Tours droids so far, only 2 of them are re-sculpts of old droids. I am betting that R5-D4 will be a new sculpt, but likely use the basic astromech body. Even R3-D3's head is a completly new sculpt, even though it re-uses the POTJ "Naboo Escape R2-D2" body. R4-M9 is actually the biggest re-hash, in my opinion. Since all they did was use the same figure, with the same name, and paint the panals baby blue/aquamarine.

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    I pray that you are right JarJar!

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    I won't be too worried. But just in case I pray as well.
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    I was hoping R5-D4 would be a regular figure. But, if I had to choose between not getting him or ordering him from Disney, I guess I'll just have to suck it up and buy from Disney.
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    I'd imagine that this is the reference picture for him. Nice and dirty.

    But he could also get a "clean" Saga release (R4-M9 will test whether two versions can sell independently).
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    Why I'll have to pay big amounts for a droid when we all would have it for $6...............IT Should ! have been a regular figure....!!!!
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    Hi, There will be a new R5-D4 figure using the same mold as the Star Tour one. The only difference is the Star Tour will be red (as the R5 unit in the StarTour in Paris/EuroDisneyland), and the Saga one will have an "ANH" look.

    (note : the R5-D4 was planned for a long time but it was delayed due to the launch of Episode 2 stuff).

    Enjoy !
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    I don't want another R5-D4... I already have the POTF2 one and that's enough. I'd rather have CZ-1 (secretary droid), LIN-V8K (mining droid), R1-G4 (reactor drone), or WED 15 (Septoid 2)

    I think one reason for not releasing R5-D4 as a regular release figure might be the "pegwarmer" issue. In the POTF2 line, R5-D4 was a big time pegwarmer, as I recall, being released both on orange and green cards... so this limited release may be most responsible thing to do in the case of this particular figure.
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    i think we should get this one soon...after this movie year, hasbro can focus it's attention on other stuff besides AOTC....but, don't make me use the hasbro SW-SFG bat on ya, mister HB! (hasbro)
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