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    Agent G-13

    Talking Have MOMC Jorge Sacul and Toy Fair Darth Vader!


    I need a San Diego Comic Con He-man and a G1 TRU Optimus Prime Hasbro reissue really bad and I donít really want to take the Ebay route, either selling the stuff below OR acquiring the 2 items so I am willing to trade VERY generously

    Here are some of my haves:

    MOMC Toy Fair Darth Vader
    MOMC Celebration II Commander Jorge Sacul
    Hot Wheel Treasure Hunts
    MIB 12Ē Imperial Biker scout and Speeder bike

    I have A LOT of other stuff too, more 12Ē Star wars too many to list.

    Please email me @ if interested in working out some kind of deal. Thanks for looking!
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    Agent G-13
    trade accomplished! thanks everybody!


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