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    Smile Any Montreal Collectors Here?

    Is anyone else from Montreal or surronding area
    using this site?
    Possible trades/info/etc.

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    Ya might want to try....

    It's a Canadian site for collectors....
    "You seem more worried about the Jedi, than you are of me....."

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    Smile Here I am


    I leave on the south shore of Montreal. I just want to let you know...
    Que la force soit avec toi

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    Teebo_JS where do you buy your Star Wars items?

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    I buy them at wall mart, Brossard, st-bruno, st-constant.
    I buy some at zellers, chateauguay, st-bruno, greenfield-park.
    I know a litlle place in longueuil...
    I go to a place in greenfield-park too call figurines in

    Que la force soit avec toi

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    I alos buy from T"R"U, Walmart & Zellers,
    let me know if you have any to trade
    or need anything.
    email me at


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