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    List all S.W. videos you have

    I just found StarWars on VideoDisc at GoodWill for $5.00. I have a VD player, But it does not work...
    Also, A Friend of mine gave me his 1995 box set of the OT (the last one before the Special edition came out)

    so now I have 4 box sets:

    Original Trilogy {First box set, I think}(with flaps on each side)(1988)

    Original Trilogy{Digitally Mastered}(1995)

    S.E. Trilogy (1997)-FULLSCREEN

    Newest S.E.Trilogy (2000)-WIDESCREEN

    Loose(single films)

    ANH = 3 (1 VHS,1 VideoDisc,1 VCD)
    ESB = 3 (2 VHS,1 VCD)
    ROTJ = 3 (2 VHS,1 VCD)

    Also: hardware wars,Thumbwars,SpaceBalls,George lucas in love

    Please list your S.W. Movie Collections.....
    I put this in the "Classic Trilogy" section since most of our collections are made up of the "Classic Trilogy"

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    I have:
    CBS Fox Trilogy Boxed Set (Fullscreen)

    THX Star Wars
    THX Empire Strikes Back
    THX Return of the Jedi (I was too impatient to wait for the boxed set All fullscreen versions. )

    Special Edition Trilogy Widescreen Boxed Set

    2000 Rerelease of the Trilogy with the Ep2 preview (Fullscreen)

    Widescreen TPM
    Fullscreen TPM

    DVD: none

    My brother's list (since I probably watch his copies more than my own)
    THX Widescreen Boxed Set

    THX Fullscreen Set

    Special Edition Fullscreen Boxed Set

    2000 Re-release Widescreen Boxed Set

    Widescreen TPM
    Fullscreen TPM

    Holiday Special
    George Lucas in Love

    ANH non-SE (Hong Kong bootleg)
    ROTJ non-SE (Hong Kong bootleg)
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    Original Individual VHS releases of the Trilogy (Full Screen of course)

    Individual VHS releases of the THX versions (Full Screen unfortunately)

    Full screen box set of Special Edition trilogy

    Episode 1 Full Screen

    Episode 1 DVD.

    Been trying to track down Widescreen versions of E1 and widescreens of the THX and SE versions.

    Edit: I forgot to add I got the Droids "Pirates and the Prince" when it was re-released on video.
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    I used to have quite a few different versions, but I reduced down. I ditched all my VHS versions, and sold my Beta versions for a nice sum. All I have now are:

    Star Wars Trilogy - Definative Collection (All 3 films, including extras like a tour of the Lucasfilm Archives, Trailers, Some Audio Commentarys, and Making of Features, and a Hardcover Book.)

    Star Wars Trilogy - Special Edition (All 3 films w/ their S.E. trailers)

    The Star Wars Holiday Special (Bootleg)
    Star Wars - Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (Bootleg w/ Foreign Subtitles)
    Star Wars - Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (Boxset w/ Film Frame)

    Star Wars - Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
    George Lucas in Love
    StarWoids (A great Documentary about the people in line for E1.)
    Thumb Wars

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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    VHS: - Original Trilogy Fullscreen Boxed Set <not remastered>
    - From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga
    - Original Trilogy Widescreen Boxed Set (w/ From SW to Jedi) <not remastered>
    - SW Trilogy Special Edition Widescreen Boxed Set
    - The Ewok Adventure
    - Ep. I Widescreen Deluxe Collector's Edition
    - Ep. I Fullscreen
    - Hardware Wars: Special Edition

    DVD: - Ep. I
    - Hardware Wars

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    Original Trilogy
    SE Trilogy
    SE Trilogy Widescreen
    EP 1
    EP 2 Bootleg
    Ewoks Cartoon the haunted village
    Droids cartoon the pirates and the prince

    SE Original Trilogy (Japenese subtittles)
    Ep 1
    Hardware wars
    Kenner SW commecials (all of them)

    Might as well throw these in too
    N64:Racer,Battle of Naboo,Shadows of the Empire,Rouge Sguadren
    Gamecube:Rouge Leader

    Still looking for:
    More droids and ewok cartoons DVD or VHS
    Making of the Saga
    Lucas in love
    need vintage parts and weapons

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    Laserdisc - ANH (THX)
    ESB (THX)
    ROTJ (THX)
    Special Edition Box Set

    DVD - TPM

    All widescreen!

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    Star Wars (original release)
    ESB (original release)
    ROTJ (THX remastered from 1995)
    Droids: Pirates and the Prince
    Star Wars Trilogy SE (Original Release - Fullscreen)
    The Phantom Menace Box Set (Widescreen w/ film frame and Art of Ep.1)

    The Phantom Menace

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    Classic Trilogy (CBS FOX Video - VHS - Pan / Scan) [Not Remastered]
    - A New Hope
    - Empire Strikes Back
    - Return of the Jedi

    Classic Trilogy (VHS - Special Edition - Widescreen)
    - A New Hope
    - Empire Strikes Back
    - Return of the Jedi

    Prequel Trilogy (VHS - Pan / Scan)
    - Episode I

    Prequel Trilogy (VHS - Widescreen)
    - Episode II (Soon!)

    DVD (Widescreen)
    - Episode II (Soon!)
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    Official Videos:
    SW SE Boxed set

    Taped from TV:
    Thumb Wars (UPN)
    From Star Wars to Star Wars (FOX)- hosted by Samuel L. Jackson
    Star Wars: The Magic of myth (FOX)- Hosted by Howie Long
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