We all know from the movies and books that when the Empire came to power, technology as a whole made a slight u-turn. From Ep. I & II, technology looks cutting edge but in the later trilogy, it takes a backseat to security and control.

My point is this; it's funny how advancement in technology took a turn for the worse in such a short period of time, 10-15 years w/ the Jedi Purge and the advent of the Empire.

On the otherside, there is no visible upswing 30 years after Jedi. They're still using X-Wings and familiar capital ships, weapons haven't changed much & the galaxy continues to exhibit a gritty look.

Now with the NJO and the loss of Coruscant, the future of technology looks bleak. I find it interesting the the Empire was able to leave such a lasting impression even after its demise.

That's just my observation.