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    Exclamation What is going on at SSG that is causing so many people to become upset...?

    I am at a total loss for an explanation, but it seems that there are many "senior" members of these forums that have become more and more unhappy with things that have gone on here over the past couple of months. I, for one, have put myself at a distance as there has been an awful lot going on in my life- health, partner's new job, MY new duties at work... etc...

    I have just heard from so many people that they are unhappy about some of the newer "upstarts" being so negative and "foul." I have only run across the negative posts and just have to shake my head when I see them. I think it is absolutely sad that one would want to join a forum like this- one where we celebrate the joys of the films, collecting, gaming and roleplaying. This is where we should have a sense of community... a place where we all feel accepted and understood. Can we discuss this stuff with out co-workers? Our parents? Our friends? I, for one, only have two friends with whom I can discuss this hobby to any extent. I consider that a very lucky circumstance... HOWEVER-- for many, this is the ONLY place where they can converse and share and I don't want to see that change or get marred.

    In light of the fact that we may be on the verge of losing several key members of these forums, I am aksing all of you to do your part not to change the climate of SSG for the worse. This is a place where I come to relax, enjoy, discuss and, yes, SOMETIMES criticise quality issues of the products produced (be it the films or the tie-ins). Please do your part to respect other members of the forums and not to provoke fights or these so-called "flame wars." If more of what you feel and say about this hobby and about these movies is negative rather than positive, perhaps you shouldn't be a part of this place. After all, it was designed for those who LIKE the hobby and the films. Perhaps you could start an anti-Star Wars site to your liking.

    I cannot stop the exodus of the friends I have met and have developed on-line friendships with, but I AM asking everyone to try a little harder to shake this negative and aggressive vibe. As we approach the one year mark of the vient attacks on our country, have we not learnt that we all need to be a little kinder to each other? Life is short and hurt is long.

    Thanks for reading me.
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    i think there are a few things that have some long time forum members upset. they are, in no particular order:

    1. the influx of a lot of new people flooding the forums with "meaningless" posts.

    2. certain forum members causing trouble.

    3. their super friends hideout was discovered and infiltrated

    4. they finally realized that yoda lightsaber fight was wacky.
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    I have noticed the 'negative' vibe on this site, and all the others I visit. Honestly, I figure that the newer members are younger, and probably do not know better. I do not post as much as I used to.

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    There was a surge of unlikeable new members that everyone thought were me.

    Sometimes my very presence causes forumites to vomit.

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    Re: What is going on at SSG that is causing so many people to become upset...?

    I hear you on this. For quite some time, I tried to discuss issues that I thought were interesting, but inevitably it always ended in near bloodshed. I took a break for a short time this summer to distance myself from the burning embers and regain perspective on reality. Not a day or so after I "rejoined" was I lambasted for offering up a simple opinion regarding a topic. What can I do but throw up my hands. You just can't win.

    Originally posted by JEDIpartnr
    If more of what you feel and say about this hobby and about these movies is negative rather than positive, perhaps you shouldn't be a part of this place. After all, it was designed for those who LIKE the hobby and the films. Perhaps you could start an anti-Star Wars site to your liking.
    In regards to the above part of what you said, this idea was put forth to me several times in the past. Essentially, if you don't like it, get out. In response, I started a thread whose purpose was to do nothing but praise the positive virtues of AOTC (I think it was). Needless to say, it was one of the least visited and added to threads I've ever seen. As much as the militantly Pro-Prequel camp wages a defense on anything Star Wars, it seems that people would rather b*tch and moan that "we" don't like certain aspects than actually put forth the effort to praise the positives. Again, what are you going to do? But face it, it's far more interesting when there is dissent than if all anyone ever did was put on a goofy face and grin about how perfect Star Wars is. That's not a would be a freakin' cult.

    And I literally just found out about that secret party that's been happening in the back room. So not all the "seniors" (if you're going by post count) are part of the slam-fest that seems to be the purpose of it. ( I guess I wasn't worthy enough to be an "insider") I come here to a) keep abreast of the toys, b) to discuss the movies themselves, and c) to casually chat about other topics that sometimes interest me. I've got enough real world stuff to worry about without having angst over some anonymous screenname trying to beat me down. This is supposed to be fun, but some people really know how to ruin a hobby.

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    Well, since it is essentially dead right now, the secret section of SSG was never meant to be a slam-fest. It originally was created for the forums members who just wanted to have fun and joke around, without being constrained by the rules of post-padding, since posts made in the secret section didn't count towards your post count. But it just evolved into a refuge where people "in the know" could go to vent frustrations about life, issues or certain forums members. Unfortunately everybody had pretty much the same complaints about the same forum member and we got accused of being a "clique." This went from bad to worse as tempers flared and the secret section was threatened to be shut down if things didn't change. On top of that 6 moderators were chosen to police up the secret section and it has essentially become like a police state, where any comment made that a moderator thinks might be offensive is edited out. If you think that the regular forums are pretty strict, the secret section is about ten times worse right now.

    Thus, many forums regulars are moving on to greener pastures at other message boards of their own creation.

    I'm sticking around, cuz I wasn't that frequent of a visitor to the Cell Block (the secret section). And I have just decided to bury myself in research for my "Skiff Guards" figure request (see my sig line and don't forget to show your support ) this way I can just ignore all the crap going on and remain occupied while all the dust settles.
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    I don't think that there is any use for the "secret area." What the whole idea says to me is that there is in fact a "clique" or an "elite" group in the forums. I know life isn't fair, but I am going to say it is unfair anyway. You can notice the clique anyway, WITHOUT knowing about the "secret area," because a few of the senior members (no names) seem like they are talking down to some of the junior members!

    Anyway, this board is always in a cycle...when the site was called Sir Steve's Guide to New Kenner Star Wars Action Figures (wow - try saying that five times fast!) there were always people leaving (who here remembers han77 and princess77?). Back when the "Great Glitch" occured, many of our members left to go and join Bananapunk's or Opee's forums...myself included. Now it is the same thing...people leaving for stupid reasons...

    On a side note, let me just say that I am sick of the Goodbye threads! If someone is going to leave, just leave. Chances are, I won't even notice their absence.

    And after about two years of being away, I am back and not enjoying it as much as I used to....I think there is too much biotching about everything, and that there is not enough focus on SW...Plus the fact that everyone is so GODDAM sarcastic......

    Thanks for letting me vent...Don't flame me too bad now...
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    yeah....everyone thought my cousin jerk jerk stinks, was he won't be posting here again, to say the least...
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    Well, it's not our fault if people leave (this time). It seems like a lot of people are not getting along. I believe I am going to bring back the password protected feature and change it often. That way, the "group" as a whole can decide who gets it. It will be passed from mods to whomever.
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    the keys to the executive bathroom, as it were.

    and just like that elitist practice, now that this one's exisitence is well-known, it too will be certain to create a sense of a caste system, with all its inherent envies & snobberies.
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