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    Question What are the newest figures out there?

    Can anyone tell me what is new out there? Also, what waves and who are in them?

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    Supposedly the Deluxe figures have made there way out into the market. I have yet to see any though.
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    The latest wave included:

    Emperor's wrath vader
    Shmi Skywalker
    Ob1 Jedi training
    Han solo death star escape
    Luke Skywalker X-wing (new likeness w/ removable helmet)

    As for the upcoming waves...well as evenflow, i am uncertain also when are the deluxe figures coming out, but the deluxe line includes:

    Bacta Tank Luke
    Leia with sail barge canon
    Darth Maul with training droid (shirtless maul)
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    After the deluxe figs, look for the wave that includes:

    Eth Koth
    Imperial Officer
    Tantive IV Troop
    Queen Decoy Outfit

    This wave will be out before the holidays.


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