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    Star Wars Autographs

    Every Star Wars Collector is into different items, collectibles, memorabilia. Who's into collecting autographs from Star Wars actors, staff, etc?

    I myself have picked up a few over the years. So far I've obtained signatures from Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, Jeremy Bulloch, Richard LeParmitier, Billy Dee Williams, Michonne Bourione and recently, Ewan McGregor.

    Have any of you others hunted down or obtained any particulars? I think its kinda interesting.
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    Sure, I snagged a few here and there - Bulloch, Prowse, Mayhew, Goffe, Burionnge (sp?), Portman, & Park.

    I passed on getting 'graphs from Amy Allen and Jerome Blake.

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    I have one, Jeremy Bulloch
    and I'm proud of it
    Until The End Of Time...
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    I only have one myself - Frank Oz. Never really had a chance to get any others.
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