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    What's your Top 10 Wish List for customs?

    I would like to know what customs you'd like to see made? I've been making custom carded figures for about 3 years now and my work is some of the best out there I feel. I want to know what customs you'd like to see and why. I can make any style you like including SW, ESB, ROTJ, POTF coin style,
    POTF2, Saga, etc. I can also make a custom carded figure of "you" as well! I'm also looking for some loyal patrons to make some for as well. Give me a shout out and I'll send pictures of my work.

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    Why not post samples of your work in the appropriate threads for everyone to see?
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    My current works in progress are converting a Jango Fett to a Boba Fett (ROTJ) and Capt Antillies.

    I would never buy a custom figure. I'd rather do it myself.
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    Id like to see more u do 12"?
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    Since there aren't any plans for a carded General Veers to be released anytime soon.. I'd like to see a relatively easy-to-make Gen. Veers custom.

    I saw one on a custom website that used the head of an AT-ST driver, the upper torso of a snowtrooper, and the lower torso, arms and legs of a Tarkin (or Motti or Piett) figure. It looked pretty decent.


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