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    Sith Name

    yea uh I have a question and well you see I just made a new sith

    custom figure you know just an etc. one and I was wondering if

    you guys could help me out with a name for it.

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    Do you have a pic we can see???
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    Hmm...Do you want it to be a Darth? Or something else? Also,a pic would really help...For some reason a pic always seems to help when deciding a character's name.
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    How about:
    Darth Conwell
    Darth Harsteel
    Darth Eviad
    Darth Satiand
    Darth Meagui
    Darth Firdazen
    Darth Vellner

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    Darth Hartnell? Named after the grouchiest Doctor Who
    Look - I'm Princess Leia!


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