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    I haven't seen these in a while now, but with KB exclusives, they seem to ship in 2 or 3 bursts so they may hit again.
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    KB had them in stock a couple days ago at SeaTac Mall in Federal Way and at Southcenter Mall in Tukwila for all you Washington guy's looking.

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    clone troopers

    I have an extra set of 12" Red/Yellow Clones and Ulti Jango. Will trade or sell as a set only, plmk

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    I just checked KB's website....its states that both red and yellow are out of stock....I never saw them here in Wva. I dont know anyone else who did either.
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    Yeah, the only place I've seen them in the last week or so is eBay. I did see some at KB a few weeks ago, but they go fast.

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    They are reapperaring at KB in Northern Virginia. Went to 2 KB today and found them at both places.

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    Found in Sherman Oadks

    On Friday there was a whole case (3 of each) of them at Sherman Oaks KB. Yesterday there were one of each on the shelf. The others may have been sold, or put in the back. I don't know if they are still shipping or this is back stock, but they are probably stil shipping from KB main warehouse.

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    Well, I spoke to the KB manager at Seatac Mall in Federal Way WA, and she said they do have some, but you have to ask for 'em. She said they have 6 (3 of each). So, even if there aren't any on the shelf, they may have some in the back.

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    are the Clonetroopers the same old HOF GI Joe body like the one
    at TRU , TARGET, WALMART ? is the color the only thing special ?
    I saw the red and yellow Clonetroopers once during the summer
    at KB and havent seen another one since.

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    Same ols Same old

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Jango Jett
    [B]are the Clonetroopers the same old HOF GI Joe body like the one
    at TRU , TARGET, WALMART ? is the color the only thing special ?

    They are the same Stormtrooper body as always, just different paint ops. When Hasbro switched over to a new body for the armoured guys, they should be much improved, as the armour would have to be tighter and may not look so bulky.


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