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    Are the Yellow/Red Clonetroopers still shipping?

    Hey all, been a little busy of late. What's new?

    Haven't seen any 12" KB red/yellow clones lately. Are they still shipping to KB's? Or were they limited edition or something? The website's sold out too. When can we expect more? Or can we?

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    A little while back I did see the yellow and red 12" clone's at 2 of the nearby KB's, well after I had bought mine, both stores are rather small, and the SW display is not big at all, They get very little shipment in at a time, and it's everything in small amounts. This week might be barbie and board games, next might be cars and video games... hard to say. So it could take a week, or it could take forever for them to restock those 2 items

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    I saw them at a KB once! That was it. And that was while I was vacationing somewhere. I've seen none during my frequent trips to KB.
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    WOW! I thought I posted to this thread. And it was longer. I guess I better be checking my cornflakes for halucinogens. I have seen both the red and yellow cts warming the shelves here as recently as a week ago. I am inclined to believe that they are not done shipping yet.
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    My local KB has both still in stock.

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    I saw both over the weekend.
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    Just checked again here and they still have a couple of the red ones on the shelf.
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    Bent Wookie-- has both the 12" Clone Commander and Captain back in stock for $24.99 each. If you haven't found them yet, here's your chance!
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    i think this needs to go in the 12" i right, dar argol?
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    good call Hango!!! they soooooooooooooooooo should've made you the mod of that one forum!!! tehehhehehhehe
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