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    Yakface in RETRO mode.

    If you go to YakFace you will notice the old scheme from a while ago, now SSG did this before, but it was a scripting error or something. so anyone who has the inside scoop for Yakface, help me figure out the time travel you have preformed.
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    they are still around??
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Originally posted by SirSteve
    they are still around??
    Since the page isn't loading for me, I'd say no.

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    Its still loading on my computer, with current news, just the not so current look
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    I didn't know Yakface was still around, I will have to check them out again. It has been years...I saw the nude Leia auction...Hmmm...That is...umm...right... Quite a graphic description that seller gave! Well, if it's true, then Hasbro should work on that kind of detail.
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    Yeah, I was taken back by the restored Yakface look. I think it has to do with Adam P. leaving that site to be part of the new SW site started by the old CollectStarWars site director. Confused? Yeah, me too. A lot of changes occurred over the extended weekend.
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    It's a shame, Yakface used to be good but I think they started dieing after a porn site registered one of their domain name links after they were too late to pay for it again.
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    Adam left to do Q&A for, after handing the reins back to Mark, who apparently prefers the old look to Adam's acidic "retro" redesign from last year.

    It's a frickin' soap opera, isn't it? Needs more sex though.

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    But the question is: is the witch only doing this to bring down the company and collect the insurance money, and wheres the midget?
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