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    Angry Shuttle Questions

    So if they are only making 5,000 and the FAO website is sold out, where do we get them? Can we preorder them at the stores? Is there an etailer that has them? ARG!
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    You could just go to FAO...I don't know...If you want one badly enough you could buy one off of ebay, but be prepared to pay over $200 for one. Scalpers are freaking crazy, I think they would sell them for that much. I don't really know what to say, maybe they will go on clearance like the Fambaa, which is how I got mine.
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    You just call one up or I guess you can go to the store. I don't think they will sell out until Nov. or Dec.
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    FYI - I talked to Hasbro today and they still say they cannot officially comment on this item. Nothing is set in stone yet (but FAO is taking orders).

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    Hasbro has always been tight lipped about exclusives, but sheeesh. There is a point where somthing has to be said. Especially with the shuttle appearing on the FAO Website and in the FAO Christmas Catalog.

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    If you try to purchase from their website, you are directed to an 800 number, but they are taking orders now.


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