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    Figures Coming...

    If you haven't seen the article you can by clicking this SSG news story.

    Here are a few interesting figures we should be seeing next year for Episode II.

    A trusty source has in a list of figures for next year:

    84894000 Star Wars Figure E2 Gen Y Assortment
    84806 Jango Fett and Boba Fett
    84807 Darth Maul

    848940001 Star Wars E2 Gen Y Figure wave 2
    84897 Darth Vader
    84898 Padmesi

    848610007 Star Wars Figure Assortment
    84862 Figure # 118 - Captain Typho
    84863 Figure # 102 - Boba Fett
    84864 Figure # 107 - Tusken Raider Female with Child
    84872 Figure # 1650 - Shaak Ti

    You will notice other characters not from Episode II and this is because Hasbro will continue to make "classic" characters while doing new Episode II figures. As soon as more details are available, we will post them. As always, it is a long way away until Episode II is released and this is subject to change.

    What Are your opinions on this?
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    GNT, please be careful how you link things in the future, you had the actual linked part going to http://here and you had the text that was supposed to be linked as the whole URL (this means that you can SEE the right address, but if you click it, it doesn't work because there's no web address called "here" without a .com at the end).

    As for this assortment, it looks very interesting, I can't wait to see the figures of these. I am betting that "Padmesi" is a mistype or perhaps an incorrectly-shortened name like "Padme - Sith Battle" (that is a purely hypothetical title).
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    www.Here is the competitive page to www.There.

    But I've never been to Here nor There, so I can't tell you what's there on their site over There, because while I am here, I can't see what's going on over there.

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    Now that I'm done 'being so funny' I'll tell you what's NOT:

    Darth Maul is in some kind of E2 line assortment?

    I realize what we are calling the E2 line (blue cards saying Star Wars) will really be the ONLY LINE and include characters like the next resculpts of Luke Skywalker alongside Shaak Ti, however:

    What could they possibly do with another Darth Maul?

    Pantless now? Just any kind of another version of Maul is obscene!

    I bought the deluxe figure (got it from a friend with connections overseas) but I wanted this one - from a comic - it added something to Maul that we hadn't seen.

    If a blue-card Maul hits shelves, A Tattooed Menace is all I will see!

    Geeze Hasbro. Wait a while. I realize another Maul is a character we will one day HAVE to see (for the kids at least), but they can buy 20 or 30 of them at TRU or KB!

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    And while we're at it, how many freakin Darth VADERS do we need?

    Hasn't Hasbro heard of Episode THREE?

    We just got some of the arguably best Vaders ever made - I refer to Dagobah and Emperor's Wrath versions.

    I've heard rumors of some kind of Bespin Vader with Battle Damage coming with the CD - that's what? The one glancing blow Luke dealt to his shoulder right before losing everything?

    Then there's a cool prototype out there of Vader blocking off Han's good aim (I have a weakness for that one. Can't believe I'm confessing)

    And there's the possiblity that since Vader Removeable Helmet was the most popular figure of all time (did win the classic bracket poll, though Hasbro fudged and put up the picture of the original meatloaf kind) - that back to the point I was making, they could resculpt a 4" (as in about accurate height) Vader with R.H. and market it for the new line (with full articulation, hanging hilt with removeable blade, etc.) AND YOU KNOW I'D BUY IT AND SO WOULD YOU!

    But heck we already have:

    Steroid Vader with Stunted Height
    Xizor's Pal with Wind in his Cape
    Vader with Add-In Value for E-bay (RH)
    Vader # 1 Fan of Jake Lloyd's
    Vader with Alvin the Chipmunk's Voice
    Vader Faded
    Vader Irradiated

    and Vader with the title to Alderaan Place
    Vader Crash Test Dummie (as in if it'd fly - it wouldda had wings)
    Dark Lord in a Bubble
    and Tattoo Parlor Days

    and if you put in the 12"

    Vader with Napoleon Complex
    Dark Lord of the Pennysaver (and friend - from the romance pages?)
    14" Vader Completed To Be The Single Most Perfect Star Wars Piece Ever
    and Vader with Half A Man That Used To Be (as Pearl Jam fans)

    I guess we're going to reach 20 before Episode Three!

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    Actually, I'm glad for the news of a non-dedicated Ep2 line. I was preparing for a drought of classic characters while we waited for the Ep2 mania to pass. I'm glad that will not be the case. Kind of reminds me of the vintage days.
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    More often than I can keep track of, Big Barada and I see eye to eye on various issues. And this is no exception. And he always seems to beat me to the punch in expressing those sentiments. I too feared that Episodes I, IV, V, and VI would become "box-office poison" to Hasbro while they bent all of their efforts towarad Episode II for at least a full year. I am pleased to see that they have come to the realization that diversity is the key to the survival of the line. Remember when the POTJ line was launched? Characters like Shmi and Lott Dodd were delayed or seemingly canceled due to retailer demands that Episode I characters be absent from the line. I believe that Hasbro has most wisely averted the potential backlash from the Episode I glut by presenting buyers for major retailers with a Star Wars line in favor of a hyped-up Episode II line. Star Wars (as a brand) they know is a consistant seller. Episode II is a roll of the dice in the eyes of those burned by their over enthusiastic purchaces of Episode I product. Love or hate the new packaging, you have to admit that Hasbro has made a move that will insure the survival of the line well beyond even Episode III. And if what we've seen so far (of images from the film) of Episode II is any indication, the next two episodes will be chock full of characters. If Hasbro develops the same "do 'em all" approach that Playmates has taken to their Simpsons line, the Star Wars brand may well outlive us all!
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    Question Gen Y?

    I am really excited about the new line, but I am completely confused about the "Gen Y" labelling. Does anyone have any kind of documentation or data regarding the name of the line?

    Regardless of the name... I am really excited to see what they will be creating for us! The sculpts have been looking great and the paint jobs are right on (Shmi)... no more Eyebrows in the middle of the forehead thing like the E1 Padme or the old Leias!!
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    I was kind of curious about the Gen Y labels too. Will the new Star Wars figures appeal to Generation Xers? And what about those like me, sadly born on the cusp of Generation X, a Generation Zeroer I suppose.
    "Does the name "Dingo" mean anything to you?" - Jedi Boulton to DingoDad at the October Dallas ComiCon.

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    if this is true, i don't like it. the problem with continuing to release classic figures mixed in with the episode 2 line is that we're going to get endless resculpts like the previously mentioned maul, vader, han solo with the stupid stormtrooper belt and so on. for every "new" classic figure that hasn't been released we'll get four resculpts. hasbro needs to concentrate on episode 2 for at least a year, then they can start mixing them in again.


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