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Thread: Disappointing

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    Unhappy Disappointing

    Neither figure excites me. That is too bad. I was very happy that they were going to finally release a Snaggletooth and another Jedi Council member. These just fall short of what they could have done with them. Hasbro was doing a better job at releasing accessories that made sense, but Snaggletooth's mega-cannon is pure overkill. The face of Eeth Koth reminds me of the masks you wear in The Legend of Zelda-Ocarina of Timeand that stance was definitely unnecessary.
    I believe that speak for everyone here when I say HUH?.

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    To quote a certain protocol droid...

    "He Agrees!"

    see my post on "Eeth Koth and Zutton Carded" for details
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    Skimping on the paint, Hasbro?

    Well, we've long since seen both of these figures, so there was certainly no reason to imagine that they would change before they were carded. However, it seems that Hasbro skimped on the paint with Zutton. Compare the previous images, indeed even the one on the back of the box, to the figure under the blister! The nostrils are not blacked out and there is little to no highlighting around the mouth. It almost looks as if the example shown didn't make it to all of the paint stations, but I doubt that this is an exception. In that regard, I am disappointed.
    As for Zutton's blaster bazooka, yes, it is a shame we are returning to the pointless accessories, thogh I am impressed that he comes with a translucent drinking glass. And the bending knees are long overdue for Cantina patrons!
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    I'll pick up the Zutton, but I'll pass on the Eth Koth. Something about the stance, and the pose makes him stand out from the other Jedi. Plus too, the character doesn't look that cool to begin with. And I don't know about the new lightsabre either, it could just be the picture, but it seems kind of crooked and disproportional.
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    Someone show me where in the movies we have seen "energy flashes" for lack of better words, around the hilt of a lightsaber?

    Koth will make a wonderfull figure to custom for AOTC. I think Hasbro will fall short of producing misc fighting jedi knights and a custom of Koth will do nicely.

    Snaggeltooth.....well.....does anyone really expect Hasbro to go all out with these "series enders"? I'm sure they would like nothing better than release these figures asap, forget POTJ and move right into the profitable E2 Star Wars line. Cutting back on paint jobs and detailing does not surprise me. I think we will be in for a dissappointment when we finally see the Teebo wave. It would also not surprise me at all if 1 or more of the "postponed" vehicle pieces gets the boot and doesn't come out. It wouldn't be the first time something was cancelled at the last minute. Here's hoping I'm wrong.

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    After reading the above, I feel so depressed, the sad thing is IT'S ALL TRUE!!!
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    Thumbs up

    I still think Eeth Koth could be cool.
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    I will put my Eeth Koth along side my Plo Koon.

    However, I gotta agree with Turbo, that comment about "series enders" is depressingly true.
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    Can't wait

    I can't wait to get my hands on an extra Eeth Koth. Minus the head, I think he would make a great custom Quinlin Vos!

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    But that's not the point!!! Eeth Koth shouldn't have been totally Jackie Channed on us!!
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