Poll: What do you think of the new Episode II Hasbro package?

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    What do you think of the new Episode II Hasbro package?

    Episode 2 carded Obi-Wan with Assassin Droid!

    The blue card looks great! At long last we finally have blue cards!

    Obi-Wan looks awesome. He has the same lightsaber as Episode One, so I guess somebody on Naboo climbed down that shaft and got it for them when the local coroner checked it out for half-bodies.

    His pose takes us back to the extreme action poses and doesn't look like his legs (knees and ankles) have articulation, so we're back to Han Hoth there, but still he looks good!

    Also, the arms are articulated like the Naboo figures, not the ultimate arm articulation seen in the Jedi Duel figures (original E1 releases).

    Any improvements based on RealScan technology are hard to see at this magnification, but I'm sure the figure will look great once we get a close-up, and better yet, once I'm holding him in my hands! Damm I want this figure!

    Now I totally dig the assassin droid. Now let's not start spoiler discussions, but TFN was right on, while we're at it!

    So what do you guys think?
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    What do you think of the new Episode II Hasbro package?

    What do you think of the new Episode II Hasbro package?

    Let's talk about it!
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    Minimalist isn't it? Blue is good, nice and neutral.The hands clasping the saber should please the vintage collectors. I like the way the pic is just a sticker on the blister.

    I can't help but think of michael caine in 'The man who would be king' though when i look at Obi's face. It's probably just the lighting in the photo but he looks like he has lovely mutton chop moustache and sideburns to me. "Don't shoot until you see the white's of their eyes..."

    The droid thingy looks quite cool. hope this is an indication with the size of the bubble that there will be more accessory pack-ins.
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    New Package !!

    I think the new package looks great. I really like the ROTJ hands and lightsaber in the upper corner... as far as Obiwan goes - well... if this one goes anything like EP 1 then say hello to the first peg warmer of the new year !!

    But hey - I'm excited !!
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    Blue! Wow, I guess Hasbro was listening.

    Almost, where is the EP2 tag line? We all pretty much agree that we wanted each movie to get it's own special card. But the new cards have no EpisodeII logo, or even "Attack of the Clones" (as bad as that title is).

    The package is nice, and the lightsaber is slightly remnicient of the original POTF line. I especially like the new bubble style, figure centered more on the card and the photo sticker on the bubble itself.

    Overall, I can live with it.

    So here's the big question, will Hasbro continue with the POTJ line? Will it simply be postponed or suspended during EP2 toy release?

    Knowing Hasbro, they will redesign the cards and possibly rename the line after EP2.

    Anyway, not too bad....SO WHAT DOES THE BACK LOOK LIKE?
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    Awesome package

    I'm new here, so, um, hi.

    Anyways, I love the new look for the package. I would have liked a bit more of a vintage look, but I can understand why they didn't do that. The new blue card is a vast improvement over the Ep I cards, which I really didn't like. I always thought they should have gone with a blue card years ago during POF2 instead of green over and over again.

    It's also good to see Hasbro trying something different rather than just slapping a bad guy's face in the upper left corner and changing the color of the card. I was shocked to see something other than a simple thin blister in the lower right. And I totally agree with the person who is hoping this means more acessories and junk.

    The only thing I don't like is that Attack of the Clones is so small, but maybe that's best since it's kind of a dumb name

    Overall, thumbs way up!

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    Episode II Package

    I have to say that a blue packaging is wonderful. However, I was thinking more along the lines of a mesh between the blade design of POTFII (excluding FlashPhoto) and Episode I: create a vertical blade with a burst at the tip that has a glow effect to it (not POTJ). The Episode I blade was composed of drawn lines and shades of the color red, so it didn't look "real," and we've already had a blade on an angle. I have a Estes Naboo Rocket at home and the package is that of Ep I in BLUE, minus the Darth Maul Face, and it looks good, so a 'GLOWING' blade would look awesome!
    The only thing w/ my idea is that an image, as you know, is needed in the top left corner. One thing that might not define a particular movie is the icon found when one looks up the "Jedi Order," the "Trade Federation," or the "Galactic Republic" at www.starwars.com. This image is one not seen that often and kind of interesting. I think an image, not a face, should at least be used.
    Anyway, the curretn package is good (i do think the clasping hands are AWESOME, but you wouldn't have that image w/ a blade on a package), but there is room for improvement.
    Thanks for reading this.


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    Thumbs up

    I think I like the green better, but the clasping hands gets a thumbs up from me.
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    so tycho, episode 2 figures don't exist yet? huh????

    i don't know about the packaging, but who cares, i'll be throwing that stuff away anyway!

    the most interesting thing about this whole revelation from hasbro is the last paragraph of their press release. they state that no one can post images of their product. first the official star wars site opens their own forums and now hasbro says their product can't be photographed and posted on this site without their permission. looks like they are gonna start shutting down fansites.

    what's funny is hasbro admitted it took 3 companies to come up with this card design.
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    When I heard, way back in 1995 that Star Wars toys were making a comeback, I already had in mind what the best way to update the packaging would be. Needless to say, all cards from 1995-2001 were horribly disappointing; but this.....this is incredible!!! This is how the packaging should have looked from the beginning!!

    I like how the movie title is kind of upstaged by the figure, and see no reason why all movies can't be released under this card. It shouldn't cause any real confusion. If you'll remember in the vintage line Tusken Raiders, Cloud Car Pilots and Hoth Soldiers were all released on ROTJ cards even though they never appeared in the movie.

    My first choice would have been black, but in retrospect that would have made the packaging look a little dated from the outset, but blue was easily my second choice. Larger photos would have been nice also; but if more accessories is the trade off then I am very, very happy.
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