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    Question Question: Is Lott Dod as Tall as he should be?

    I was looking at pictures of our new Neimodian.....and he as EP 1 Neid's ? Or he is as tall as Vader Bespin at least...?

    I hope if any of you bought it, please tell me...I believe I wouldn't buy another shrink Neimodian

    Look how tall they should be (excluding any kind of headgear)
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    Yes he is, well at least to me he is!!!
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    If he is as tall as the EpI Nute Gunray & Rune Haako, he should be fine. Nute isn't quite as tall as he should be, but he's tall enough, IMO; taller than Maul.

    By the way, nice picture, corproal AMF.

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    you can't really judge him from that picture that he's tht big since Darth Maul actually is pretty small (I think 1.60 or max. 1.70 something)
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    I have all three Neimoidians open, and they're all the same height at eye-level, within 1mm or so.

    Not quite sure why Lott Dod's mitre is made of plastic that's the same colour as his head, though, when it's painted a uniform dark blue colour.
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    Yeah, Ray Parks is a very small man. I would love to see a picture of him standing next to Vader for size comparrison.

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    In TPM, the size difference between Nute and Maul is obvious when they're seen walking together, conversing with Sidious' holgraphic projection. Ray Park is indeed small.
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