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    The real problem with the CommTech chips is that Hasbro appears to have inherited Kenner's poor expertise in electronics. It was shameful to have an Obi-Wan on helium CommTech figure out at the same time as the crystal clear, sound-perfect Simpson's figures, which commanded a lower price! (Granted, Playmates isn't sinking nearly as much of the cost of their figures into the license rights that Hasbro is with theirs.)
    The bottom line is that anything beyond the terrible quality of the CommTech chips would have sent the already staggering price of Star Wars figures even higher. If Hasbro has to have an inconsequential pack-in, make it a useful figure stand, much as Playmates (them again?) did with their Star Trek line, from day one! Otherwise, don't waste space with pack-ins no one wants. I'd rather have an extra, QUALITY accessory than something that is of minimal connection to the figure.

    I thank you!
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    I need to admit that I am probably a minimalist. I actually LIKE the up-comming POTJ cards (FX-7 wave)! Simple and neat.
    No "stupid" or "needless" pack-ins (not to offend those of you that like comm-techs or force files) just a good sculpt of a figure I want.

    I do not like the EII cards. They are trying to capture the feeling of the original line with certain graphics, but I think we have moved beyond that for an established line. Mauls face and the Vader/Obi-Wan graphic were better than the hands & lightsaber. The bold line around the card does nothing for me either. The bigger bubble looks too much like other figure lines (and for smaller figures like R2 I think will look stupid). If this was the packaging for the up-comming 25th 2-packs...GREAT!!!...but not for the mainstream line that will, presumably, go on for a few years besides being the showpiece for the EII line.

    The figure.....looks like what I have come to expect from the POTJ line. Not great but not a complete disaster. The key for me will be this 3-D laser face sculpting thingy. We can't see the face well in the photo but if it really is good it will only make the figure better.

    Also, about the title of this forum. By knockout I assumed you ment you liked the package. It's clear (to my relief) other aren't blown away or impressed either.

    Hasbro, I believe, is about making money, not pleasing us. If everyone here HATED the package they wouldn't do a thing to change it.

    This is the package design we will have to live with of the next year at least.

    End of story.

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    I think the packaging looks sort of lame personally, but they could put it in a clear plastic sack and write "Star Wars" on the side and I'd buy it, if the toy was cool, because I'm interested in the toy, not the packaging it comes in. But that's me, I'm an open collector. I can understand how it would suck if you're a carded collector and they come out with a package design you think sucks. The new card certainly would look weird hanging next to an Ep1 card.
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    I think the whole thing is just a prototype run to see how fans react. Look at the lightsaber, and then at that thing he's got with him, I doubt LucasFilm would've wanted them to released an image about something that is a spoiler to us so they probably just popped it in there which is something to something else, I dunno... The E2 packaging looks something like what you would find for little $1-3 bootlegs or something, I don't like it, but I didn't like the POTJ packaging at first but now I love it... eh *shrugs* Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll do a major overhaul on it, one good thing though, no guys flying with a lightsaber in hand on the card.
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    Actually I think that droid with Obi-Wan is from a scene in E2 where **POSSIBLE SPOLIER**





    In some script leaks, there is a scene on Coruscant where Obi-Wan leaps onto a droid that was hovering near the window to Padme's room. It falls or something, or maybe he attempts to ride it back to whoever sent it, I can't remember.
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    Hope this isn't a spoiler.....

    From all the pictures everyone has seen thus far, Obi-Wan is wielding the EXACT same lightsaber he used in Ep1. So I assume the dead master's lightsaber doesn't necessarily go to the padawan. So, either Obi-Wan managed to scrounge up his old saber or he rebuilt one that is exactly the same. Who knows?
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    INDIANA "We named the dog Indiana." Sorry, I just had to do that.

    Anyway, Hasbro seems to be listening to the collectors a little more. We asked for blue cards, we are getting blue cards. Despite the fact the blue is a "cold color". In marketing terms this means that consumers are less inclined to take notice of a particular item with that color.

    The fan choice figures were probably just a gimik to find out what consumers were after. Hey, it's also a good PR gimik.

    As for the "Real Scan" technology? I have little hope for it. The new wrestling figures use "Real Scan" and they are just as ugly as ever! And those are 6 inch figs.
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    SK99, ever see those "Charlies Angels" movie dolls? Those were also realscan... YIKES!!!
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    PLease...don't bring up the Charlie's Anglels movie dolls up. They make me want to puke all over the place they're so ugly. It's like the movie wasn't bad enough so they had to come out with hideous(sp?) dolls.

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    The new blue card reminds me of figures that come out for movies with just a marketing gimmick going for them. Take for instance action figures for Lost in Space, Wild Wild West, Battlefield Earth (*shudder*), Titan A.E., the list goes on.

    I would really like a blue card, but more along the lines of what the cards on Snake's link look like. Like the current POTJ cards only with a blue lightsaber. The picture at Hasbro's site just doesn't look too intriguing to me.

    As for the title "Attack of the Clones," I think it matches up with the rest of the titles. All of the titles for the movies seem reminescent of titles to old throwback 50's sci-fi movies.

    Now, as for all you "fans" who seem to have nothing better to do than go around to these forums and just badmouth Star Wars, saying you hate this and don't like that, well here's a suggestion, if you don't like it, stop posting. Not everyone is going to like everything about the new movies, and George Lucas knew this. TPM was a pretty decent movie, but all people did was badmouth it. Jar Jar this, and midichloreans that, if you didn't like, fine, but don't go around polluting the all the forums, cause quite frankly, if you were a fan by definition, you would like the movie.

    You people really should rethink your status as a "fan" if all you seem to do is hate everything starwars post 1999. You people aren't fans at all. Its ok to dislike something, but not hate everything.
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