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    Episode II Packaging: First Round Knockout

    I logged on moments ago to witness what I believe what will the beginning of the end for my Star Wars collecting. Ever since POTF2 was introduced, I have been spending my hard earned money to establish a collection once again. I always have opened my figures up and put them out for display in simple dioramas.

    I'm not into variants or keeping them case fresh. I just like the fun of Star Wars. Then things started changing ... when Lucas released the Special Editions, I thought they were fun, but all the discussion we've talked about before ... Greedo firing first, Jedi Rocks, something seemed wrong. Still I collected.

    Then Episode I, and after initially comparing it to the original on first viewing, I see how flawed the movie really is. Jar Jar? Jake Lloyd? Midicholrians? Still I collected.

    Now in the past couple months ... Episode II: Attack of the Clones? How can you people defend George Lucas for such an awful title is beyond me. And I'm sure legions more will defend this new Episode II packaging.

    What's worse, the title or the packaging - I can't decide. The light-blue background is something for micro-machines, the lightsaber hands cannot replace either Maul's or Vader's face, and there sure is enough plastic to go around.

    And this Obi-Wan figure, I don't know if he's even worth buying. Is he ready to jump on a horse or does he spend the movie bow-legged? What about the karate chop right arm? And the "droid," forget about it.

    I guess this means now all the characters from the original trilogy will be subjected to this new packaging. Great job Hasbro, now for the few kids remaining who buy Star Wars, they may end up coming home with BoShek and wonder where he was in Episode II.

    Lucas and his Hasbro goons have given me a first round knockout. My anticipation of Episode II has gone down to nil. Sure I'll buy a Jango Fett or some dyanmic figure, but I'm not going to spend money on the Episode II equivalent to Boss Nass.

    Things are getting very bad, and how so soon ...

    Snake Plissken
    "A little human compassion"
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