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    Episode II Packaging: First Round Knockout

    I logged on moments ago to witness what I believe what will the beginning of the end for my Star Wars collecting. Ever since POTF2 was introduced, I have been spending my hard earned money to establish a collection once again. I always have opened my figures up and put them out for display in simple dioramas.

    I'm not into variants or keeping them case fresh. I just like the fun of Star Wars. Then things started changing ... when Lucas released the Special Editions, I thought they were fun, but all the discussion we've talked about before ... Greedo firing first, Jedi Rocks, something seemed wrong. Still I collected.

    Then Episode I, and after initially comparing it to the original on first viewing, I see how flawed the movie really is. Jar Jar? Jake Lloyd? Midicholrians? Still I collected.

    Now in the past couple months ... Episode II: Attack of the Clones? How can you people defend George Lucas for such an awful title is beyond me. And I'm sure legions more will defend this new Episode II packaging.

    What's worse, the title or the packaging - I can't decide. The light-blue background is something for micro-machines, the lightsaber hands cannot replace either Maul's or Vader's face, and there sure is enough plastic to go around.

    And this Obi-Wan figure, I don't know if he's even worth buying. Is he ready to jump on a horse or does he spend the movie bow-legged? What about the karate chop right arm? And the "droid," forget about it.

    I guess this means now all the characters from the original trilogy will be subjected to this new packaging. Great job Hasbro, now for the few kids remaining who buy Star Wars, they may end up coming home with BoShek and wonder where he was in Episode II.

    Lucas and his Hasbro goons have given me a first round knockout. My anticipation of Episode II has gone down to nil. Sure I'll buy a Jango Fett or some dyanmic figure, but I'm not going to spend money on the Episode II equivalent to Boss Nass.

    Things are getting very bad, and how so soon ...

    Snake Plissken
    "A little human compassion"
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    I must agree with you-- I find this figure tremendously dissappointing.

    First, the real scan looks promising, but why in the heck didn't Hasbro seize the opportunity, starting with Episode 2, Wave 1, to introduce universal ball joint shoulders and knee joints? Is that too much to ask? This willy nilly approach to articulation makes me nuts. Hasbro's new GI JOE line is going to be composed of 3-3/4 inch figures with that level of articulation. Why doesn't Star Wars warrant the same treatment?

    Also, Hasbro's THIRD (carded) Episode 1 Obi-Wan boasted "soft goods", an improvement (from a "playability" standpoint) over the Wave 1 release. So what do they do with Episode 2, Wave 1? Release another plastic robe, non-poseable, unable-to-be-seated figure. Is there any learning curve here AT ALL?

    I was really hoping Hasbro would take advantage of Episode 2's release by finally rectifying all their past mistakes with this line. Instead, it seems like they improve some aspects while losing ground in others. And I don't think cost is an issue- I'd give up that droid for a better Obi-Wan.

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    Re: Episode II Packaging: First Round Knockout

    Originally posted by snakeplkn
    How can you people defend George Lucas for such an awful title is beyond me.
    Hey, hey I'm not defending, I'm ignoring.
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    Thumbs up

    I agree that I am a bigger fan of green cards, but i still think it is pretty cool.
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    I Agree

    I have to agree with you.... I walked out of EP 1 defending it, but inside I knew it was a bad film.... I have given up on George Lucas. And my Star Wars collecting has defenetly lost momentum especially since there are many other toy companies and toy lines that give you so much more for less than the $7 price tag. Plus how many times can I pay $7 for a Han Solo that isn't any better than the first.
    I think it's just the fact that it is Star Wars and it is hard to let go... So yes I will buy Jango Fett and maybe a couple more interesting characters, but will I go all bananas and buy every figure.... no
    Collecting Star Wars figures ain't like dustin' crops boy !!

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    Oh goodie, the cycle starts again:

    step #1: I hate (insert most recent SW news here)!!!!

    step #2: Declare George Lucas has gone insane, lost it, sold out, etc.

    step #3: Wait a few weeks to declare that it is "growing on you."

    step #4: Declare that you reluctantly accept (insert most recent SW news here).

    My thoughts, if you are so disenfranchised with SW then go! No need to hang around and bring everybody else down with your needless whining! It's just a bit of cardboard and a little sculpted piece of plastic, get a grip!!

    Personally I love the new cardbacks, especially after six years of headache-inducing green and red starbursts.

    As for the figure's articulation, I would drop SWAF collecting in a heartbeat if Hasbro released GI Joe looking figures. Too much articulation ruins the figure, SW has always been about striking the balance between sculpt and articulation. What would be the point of having a good sculpt if it is only to be ruined by too many robotic looking joints?

    Although, I do agree about the 'soft-goods' debate. In my mind, the number one reason why vintage figures will always be utmost in my mind when I think of the quintessential SW figures.
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    I love the new blue cards.....and its a nice figure as well. Can't wait to see the others.
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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    Oh goodie, the cycle starts again:

    step #1: I hate (insert most recent SW news here)!!!!

    step #2: Declare George Lucas has gone insane, lost it, sold out, etc.

    step #3: Wait a few weeks to declare that it is "growing on you."

    step #4: Declare that you reluctantly accept (insert most recent SW news here).

    Barada, I read more posts than actually writing. It does seem that some people follow the steps listed above. More people than not, oddly enough. But I'm not in that category. I have never had anything "grow" on me.

    On your comments above,

    I was excited about the prospect of Episode II redeeming itself. But Lucas, not me, has killed the anticipation. Attack of the Clones?!? Count Dooku? Baby Boba Fett? Please ... in fact I'm concerned. "I have a bad feeling about this."

    George Lucas began losing his grip in 1983 with Return of the Jedi. Though it's my favourite film of the current 4, it has definite weaknesses especially Sy Snootles, Darth Vader referring to all officers as "Commander" and need I say more -- Ewoks.

    The Phantom Menace? Still a horrid title as ever. Jar Jar Binks? Still wish Darth Maul had killed him. Anakin? Haley Joel Osment was passed over for Jake Lloyd! These facts won't change, ever.

    I don't accept the current state of affairs. Episode I was a disappointment. I bought the VHS on sale, I doubt a couple deleted scenes will make me go out and buy the DVD. And Episode II sounds like a mess. I will walk out of the theater if baby Boba Fett shouts, "Wizards!" or blows up a ship accidentially.

    Collecting wise, I have simply stopped buying junk. Shirtless Darth Maul - who cares? Tatooine Jar Jar - what a waste. On the other hand, Queen Amidala Theed Invasion ... now that's worth every penny. If every figure was as good, then maybe Hasbro would be more than the greedy goons they are. Considering only a couple dollars seperates POTJ from McFarlane, what argument does Hasbro have for its high prices?

    I have been a Star Wars fan for life. However Lucas has slowly been sapping out the fun from it. That's what this hobby is about, fun. Without it, there's no point.

    Snake Plissken
    "A little human compassion"

    Post Script: Looking at the package once more, this "droid" looks my outdoor cooling fan with the grill and all. Maybe Obi uses it when he's out on the patio during those hot Coruscant summers?
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    OK let me get this right

    Upon the next wave of figures they are loosing the force files, just using pictures and will picture on the back of the card all figures in that wave. So that kinda cool looking card will be dumped about 3 or 4 months after it is given to us? Well that is just a little weak.
    If Lucas wants EP2 attack of the sith monkeys wants the figures from that movie to have the new big blistered blue packages then by all means..let them stand as EP1 did. Either it will fail or it won't!
    I just fear that this will mean there will be the occasional Hey look a droid from one of the original films in a case of bottle fed fett and little han with his cap blaster.
    If I didn't know better I would think that lucas hates the fans. He has been bothered with letters and constanly asked Hey..when are you doing the first 3 movies? When are the pre quells comming mr lucas? How about those first 3 films sir? and so on...So he devised the perfect plan. He makes good movies up until he decides to put out EP1...make enough money to live comfortably and buy a new car every day for the rest of 30 lives. Then he releases these horrible acid trip 5 year old written films where a long eared freak is given more screen time the General Zod! Then the fans get winded..they think no..this is just the beggining. It is just a set up..the next 2 will be great..then he lands ATOTC on us..I won't even give it the honor of its own name. Well..the bad names of the movie and characters won't marr it..this one will be better. then when it isn't we will pray that the third will redeem it totaly making everything OK...Then it will be EP3 The force gets all evil and mad at stuff! There will be a touching jar jar sequence, Great actors will be know..they are the ones who are playing the role of that guy sitting there while jake loyd plays a midget juggler with 4 hands and plays the flute through his what loks like a naval but is actually :O
    Just hope I am wrong..and sorry for the long winded rant...TRILOGY FOREVER...Chad
    Good hunting to all

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    I like the title "The Phantom Menace".

    Everyone wanted Jar-Jar to die!

    Haley Joel Osment is over rated.

    The EP1 DVD has ALOT MORE than a couple of deleted scenes!

    McFarlane makes STATUES. Which is pretty much what Theed Invasion Amidala is, a very well done, detailed STATUE. I collect ACTION figures.

    Hasbro dosen't set the prices at retail stores. Not that I mind finding EP1/POTF figs on clearance for $1.97 or more recently Dagobah Darth Vaders (and other POTJ) for $3.99

    George has overseen/licensed/and or approved more Star Wars novels, comics and games than I could possibly count. There by SIGNIFICANTLY adding to my enjoyment of the Star Wars UNIVERSE!
    May the force be with you.


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