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    SW: TPM Top 10 Wants (Tracked Poll)

    I felt it was time for a definative poll on what we want to see done for each movie. I'm starting with E1, since it has a massive amount of figures that needs done.

    Please post your Top 10 wanted figures, and I'll keep track of them and at the end I will post a most wanted update thread. Only two rules for the poll are, please no listing figures that just need re-sculpts (I plan on a seperate thread for that), and please choose no more then 10.

    This poll takes in account Eeth Koth and Amidala: Travel Gown, so please do not include them in your choices. With that said, lets begin. First my list in alphabetical order:

    1. Amidala: Celebration w/ Globe of Peace
    2. Daultry Dofine
    3. Gragra: Chuba Vendor
    4. Kitster
    5. Oppo Rancisis
    6. Padme (Handmaiden Outfit)
    7. Trade Federation Clean-up droids
    8. Yarael Poof
    9. Wald
    10. Wookie Senator

    Hard to pick just 10, but thats my list. Can't wait to see everyone elses. And we'll know soon, who the most wanted figures of each movie are.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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