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    Who Is Your Favourite Podracer???

    Out of the 16 podracers (not counting Anakin Skywalker) who is your favourite Podracer?

    Alder Beedo
    Ark "Bumpy" Roose
    Ben Quadinaros
    Boles Roor
    Clegg Holdfast
    Dud Bolt
    Ebe Endocott
    Elan Mak
    Mars Guo
    Neva Kee
    Ody Mandrell
    Ratts Tyerell
    Teemto Pagalies
    Wan Sandage

    If you know me or were around at the old old boards you should know which podracer I like
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    You like Teemto dontcha? *kidding*

    Hmm...I'll say...Sebulba. Mainly since you forgot him. That and he really is one of my favorite characters from Ep.I. I hope he has some more screen time in Ep.II! Maybe Annie can strangle him with his new anger and force powers...heh heh heh.
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    I agree with Starfig. Sebulba is such a rat, he's wonderful! I also like the way his podracer sounded like a Harley-Davidson. Cool sound effects!

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    Sebulba, because he's a bad boy and the best character design from TPM.
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    I like a few of them for different reasons. Ratts because it's great that such a little guy had the balls to enter a mad race. Teemto because he's so much like Spike from tom and Jerry. Mawhonic because i love the gran species and I think the new silicone masks they used for EP1 did the aliens justice finally. I like Sebulba cuz he's mean and reminds me of Terry Thomas in whichever Herbie film he was in, probably herbie goes to monte carlo, But Terry Thomas was a hero of mine when i was a kid and so....

    If I have to pick just one though it's hard to but - I pick Teemto. I just think he'll make a great 3.75 scale figure if he ever gets made. He's got a great grin and he's dumber than the dumbest. You gotta love a trier.

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    I love Sebulba because in many ways he reminds me of one of those old cartoon bad guys. A little over the top and really nasty.

    I also like Teemto... especially in the VidGames- 'cos he speaks like a total drunken idiot and burps a lot... how's THAT for a reason???
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    Sebulba is my favorite. I like the fact that he'll do anything to win a race.

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    I really dig Dud Bolt. Just a cool design and I would really like to see a figure made of him.
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    WOOPS guess I did forget someone... Sebulba

    Just as a note, has some info about the podracers and that will be available on the DVD
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    Sebulba,Hes got character The kind you warn your kids about.
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